Friday, July 19, 2013

Questions and Update

Andrea: "Hey lady...question since we're on the same path of weight what made you start to lose? What do you eat now in your journey? I know you hit the gym daily right? Girl, when do you have time to workout? Lol. You look great. I need to post a new pic of me.
Oh yeah, are you just trying to get to a new size or just lose and see what happens?"

I want to start off by saying I care about my weight, but I don't care.  The scale does not move for me and it is clearly the devil.  I've lost 25 since January. That's 28 weeks, so I'm losing less than the suggested 1-2 pounds a week.  With that said, I don't care what the scale says.  This journey is for health.  It's for my foot.  I want to wear the cute clothes and not frumpy fat people outfits.  When I look in the mirror with my lover, I want to feel nasty, not look nasty.   Yes, I went there, my blog.  I've looked at photos that people have taken of me and seeing myself looking like Miss Piggy is not how I want to appear.  Miss Piggy is pretty, but no.  Even my mother is smaller than I am.   So, to sum up my reason for starting this path is my foot and my image.  I want to be able to strut my stuff and look marvelous!!!  

What am I eating?  Everything that I wasn't eating before.  I used to be a fast food junkie.  You could bleed me for sweet tea, butter, and syrup.  Every meal was fat upon carb upon fat.  In the morning I would eat a chicken biscuit, fries, and sweet tea.  Lunch and dinner was fast food combo.  Now, I’m making smoothies, eating salads, and picking better food choices.  I still eat out, but I go to places that have a wait staff and more than fries and combos.  Eating at cafes and sit-down restaurants make me slow down and take my time eating.  I am able to get a better variety of food.  Most places that I dine do not include the drink in the meal and frankly, I’m not spending $2 on a drink that’s not good for me in the first place.  I get water!  Also, being a frugal person, I thoroughly take advantage of drinking water at work.  I have recently started the drink every time you use the restroom challenge.  My personal promise to myself is to drink water before having coffee in the same amount.

I know you hit the gym daily, right? No! Mentally, physically, and emotionally I have not been able to workout every day.  That’s too much like work and for me that is a total turn off.  I have to hurry up and lose weight by September 16th.  That means that I have to immediately change everything I’m doing.  Cold turkey? I’m good.  I don’t even want to have sex every day and I really like that. I try my best to keep on task with it, but sometimes I’m ripping and running or working long hours and I don’t go.  I currently work all three shifts and it changes each week, Monday-Friday.  Sometimes I have to work twelve hours and on those day, I might go but most likely not. 

When do I have time to workout?
I really haven’t had a time that there wasn’t time to workout.  I’m single with no children; I have no set schedule once I’m off of work.  Lately, I don’t even turn on the computer once I do get home unless it’s for my business.  I don’t watch TV.  Therefore during the week, minus work and sleeping, I have six hours of free time.  I go whenever.  Since I’m on a different shift each week, I go either right after work or at least two hours before work.  First shift is a little easier for me to go whenever after work.  I tend to go with my homegirl.  Saturday and Sundays are totally free unless I’m with my parents. Those two days I really push myself to go because that will give me a rest day during the week if I have a goal to go so many days during the week.

You look great…and I thank you so much!!! Thank you! Here is the pic that I posted.  I didn’t think anyone would be paying attention so I didn’t lighten the right side photo until now. I wish I would have been looking up.  I took this pic before going out to send to a friend to make sure I looked ok.

Oh yeah are you just trying to get to a new size, or just lose and see what happens?  Earlier I stated that I want to look good in my clothes.  My health other than BMI and my foot are just fine.  Believe it or not, I'm still in the same clothes that I was in when I started.  Twenty-pounds should have been two dress sizes.  Was it just that my clothes were that tight?  I do have a pair of skinny jeans that are way too baggy and that’s it.  The difference is I'm not struggling to get into them. I look better in my clothes.  I don’t have to put my jeans on low heat or air dry them.  I don’t have the muffin top.  I'm a size 18.  I have zipped and buttoned size 16 clothes, but I look like I'm about to pop.  So until I can truly wear a 16 I’m not buying that.  I have plenty of 16s in my closet because that is the size I was wearing after college. I want to fit those clothes.  I don’t know smaller than that.  So, I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.

Thank you so much asking and for your patience while I collected the answers. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Starting the Journey

What prompted me to begin releasing this weight was hearing from doctors that I was morbidly obese. MORBIDLY! OBESE! That did not sound like kind, hard-working, sexy, beautiful, cute, adorable (hush) and all the other ways I describe myself.  For me those words registered as: I'm fat as hell, super fat, extremely fat.  It's like a "yo mama so fat that she's going to die" joke gone wrong.  That's not funny. I'm going to be laying in a bed having people bring me cakes, McDonald's, and sodas. I'm not going to be able to wash myself.  I'll have to live in my bedroom because I can't squeeze through the door. I'm the mother in Who's Eating Gilbert Grape!  

I already can't walk.

My health is at danger and all I have to do is eat and exercise to get better.  That's it, but it's so hard.  If it was easy I wouldn't be morbidly obese now.  I find that I am having to dig deeper to break habits.  Chilling and eating up any and everything is fun and it is a hard habit to break.  Some people can go cold turkey on bad foods and start eating clean from the start.  I'm not that person.  Moderation is key until I am able to completely eliminate a food or drink out of my life.  I also think that allowing myself to eat certain items from time to time keeps me from gorging on it later.  
Homemade smoothie w/protein helps cravings! 

Starving and feeling hungry is something I cannot do.  If I'm hungry I'm going to eat.  So, I eat before I'm starving.  I eat carbs and proteins together since I have PCOS and my body loves to quickly turn carbs into fat. The protein slows down the metabolism of the sugar. Basically, I'm eating more but I've become better at eating by choosing cleaner foods and using the carb + protein combo. That's pretty much it and drinking more water. Make a healthier choice with each meal. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Two Feet & Five Fingers

You've seen them.  Probably took a double take.  You wonder how they feel.  They're kinda cool and you want a pair.  Your friends and family will think that you are the cat's meow if you show up prancing around in these. NO! Vibram's Five Fingers are not for fashion, the are for function.  After reading several positive reviews from people with plantar fasciitis, I decided to give them a try myself.  

There are supposed to be several benefits from wearing these and you can visit Vibram's website to learn more.  I'm going to tell you about my experiences with them.  First, you can't find these everywhere, but they are somewhere.  I advise you to try them on rather than guessing your size.  I was fitted for a 38, but had to get a 40 because my big toe on one foot kept hitting the edge.  Yet, in the 40 there is a lot of space in the heel.  (Which brings me to the fact that my left of right Achilles heel was irritated by the fabric.  Putting a cotton round in the shoe kept it from rubbing.  Then eventually, it stopped. I'm not sure if that was before or after I washed them.) I also have a lot of room in the toe space, except the big toes.  Getting the shoe on was a bit of a task since the pinky toe does not want to go into its little slot.  Once all the toes are lined up in their sleeves all is good, get to walking.  
My first steps in these were at the store.  The clerk was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of advice much of which I'm stating here.  I could feel the hardness of the floor and I didn't like it.  What I liked was my feet didn't feel cramped, they felt free to move and flex.  My toes were gripping and feet were rolling heel to toe.  I wore them for a few hours as instructed (treat them like training shoes) and I was starting to dig them.

As the weather got colder, I put my little shoes away.  I also got a cortisone shot and my foot felt better. After having the flu, I stopped going to the gym.  When I started back, I wore my Brooks.  I noticed during the workouts my right foot would start cramping and my toes would go numb.  Later, I would have those walking on nails pains, but not as bad as before.  My foot needed flexibility: it needed Five Fingers.  With the Vibrams I was able to workout longer on the Arc.  The cramping and toe numbness did not occur and the next morning pain ceased. 

Would I wear these to work or all day?  I have worn them to work and the answer is NO!.  Concrete and tile are too hard for eight hours in these shoes for me.  I do wear other minimalist shoes to work, but they have more cushion and protection than these.  I wouldn't wear these all day either.  I can feel rocks and the such which is not comfortable in this style.  There are styles made for running and the such and I have not tried those.  Would I buy these online?  I would buy this particular style online, but would get fitted for other styles and then buy online.  Being that I'm not wearing socks with these and yes they have socks for them, they do get funky.  I've washed mine twice in a front loader and allowed them to air dry and they still hold up.

Would I buy another pair?  Yeah!  I think I'll go for the Entrada or Alitza.  Plus, I feel like Kitty SoftPaws in these! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweating My Hair Out

I felt so empowered in my first animal print.
Hello! I have been asked to blog again. What do I have to talk about?  Plenty. I am on a weight loss journey, healthy life style living, whatever you call it all sums up to I'm tired of being fat and I'm tired of hurting.  My health across the board is lovely, but the fat is wearing my feet and joints down.  I'm tired of looking like lumpy butter in a dress, limping lumpy butter at that.

I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot along with heel spurs.  It hurts, like walking on a board with nails in it each step.  I know how that feels because I’ve stepped on a nail before. That hurts!  That first step is enough to make me cry.  Strolling through the mall, NO!  Walking to the back of Wal-Marks, NO!  Walking at a normal pace, NO!  Unfortunately, my mother has it too and she's shared her experiences with me.  All the exercises, stretching, boots, rolling with ice are just temporary, even the cortisone shot didn't completely relieve me.  

The shot did make it bearable for me to get my fat ass up and get to moving.  I took my health for granted and I can't anymore. Since going to the gym there have been days when I want to cut my foot off.  My toes go numb in that foot.  I have to slow it down and modify exercises.  People say walk, I can't, seriously.  I don't let those things discourage me.  I found a few things I'm good at, such as the Arc (elliptical, stepper type machine). I beast that thing out! 

From time to time I will take a class.  I hated kick boxing with a passion.  I just stood there are one point and I haven't been back since.  Water aerobics is great, but if you've been following me you know about my hairy legs.  Once I get all the hair removed, I'll go back. I did not like aqua Zumba.  Zumba is ok, but it would be great if I knew the steps.  I can always booty pop and twerk until I learn the other moves.  Spinning is nice.  The majority of the time is spent sitting down which is great on my foot and I know the moves. Stand up, sit down! 

Then once I'm done with that there's the strength training.  Once this fat melts away, my cut arms and abs are going to look so beautiful. 

So far I've lost 22 pounds. 

That ain't water! That's Zumba!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sister's Keeper Products Sampler

In this pink bag is from Sister's Keeper Products there's a whole lotta little good for your hair and body samples to pamper myself from head to toe.

So the first thing I did was take the photos, then opened everything and smelled and rubbed everything everywhere.

Here's the run down!

Dip Hair & Body Moisturizer
On shampooed, towel dried hair, I add just a little bit of this as a leave-in and let it just about dry before layering it.  It has a very light, non-greasy texture.  As its name suggests it can be used from head to toe.  This would be great on the skin for those who do not like to be shiny.  It readily absorbs too.  It's sweet nutty fragrance is light enough to wear with other perfumes and body sprays.

So Chic Styling Butter
I use this right after applying the H&B Moisturizer for a little sheen.  I can see this being a good shine/sheen product for polishing twists-outs to give that extra pop. Plus it smells great having a tropical fruit feel along with underlying butter scents. Yes, I rubbed it on the skin.  It leaves a bit of a glow to the skin without being heavy.  Back to the two on my hair, my hair is soft, flexible, nearly frizz free, sheeny, and very touchable.

Dream Whip Body Butter
This is a soft butter that goes a long way.  It melts easily into the skin.  It's like an aerated oil, very delicate.  This too leaves a beautiful glow to my skin without being greasy.

NYLA Butter 
I really can't tell the difference between this one and Dream Whip.  After reading the discriptions again.  NYLA is pretty much the same as DW, but without the shea butter. I'm not sure which scent this is but it smells like graham crackers, love it.

Hair & Body Souffle v/s Coco Body Mousse
I haven't tried these on my hair just yet, but I can see this being similar to So Chic.  If I had to pick between the two, I'd get both just in different fragrances.  They are both whipped and feel good on the skin.  The souffle is mango and avocado butters based, no shea.  Coco has soy and cocoa butters.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub
This is a great way to exfoliate and seal in moisture in one product. Brown Sugar has the thickest oil I've seen in a scrub. It has brown sugar, dead sea salt, vitamin e, and many good oils to pamper the skin.

Goats Milk and African Black Soap
I have not used these yet. Honestly, I really haven't tried a handmade body soap that I didn't like.  They are much better than commercial soaps.  Google the two kinds and learn the magic of them both.  If you haven't tried a bar and shopping at Sister's Keeper, get one.

Overall, Sister's Keeper has made a collection of products using a variety of butters and ingredients to make the skin and hair supple.  These products will make for great butter sealants.  This is a great sampler for me because I'm using all these little jars all over!


Products were paid for by me. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012


How does moisturized natural hair look and feel? 

After reading a few questions posted on Natural Beauties I wanted to give advice, but pulled back. I can only speak on what has worked for me for nearly ten years. My hair is moisturized by rinsing it with water and applying a leave-in moisturizing conditioner.  Come cooler months I will add a little jojoba oil.

How does it feel?
When I rub my hand over my head, it feels clean, soft, sort of like puddle fur.  My hand is not wet or coated with butter, oil, or other products.  When I look at the lists of products that people use along with their regimens, I can't help but wonder how their hair feels.  Is her hair damp all the time?  Is her hair greasy?  Are her oily finger prints on everything.

How does it look?
Mine looks fine.  Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.  There are nice coils some looser some tighter. A little frizz can be found.  A few pieces stick up out of place.  It has a little sheen, shine, and dullness throughout.  

Too much moisture?
Now when my hair has been slathered with products, there's no frizz, most curls are perfect, and it shines. But it feels heavy, greasy, and never fully dry to the touch.  If I ran my hand over my head, I would have to wash them.  I always give products the skin test.  If it feel slimy, sticky, greasy, and doesn't readily absorb then I will not use it on my hair.

What's the goal of moisturizer?
I thought it was to add water back into the hair and keeping it there.  Hair over the course of a day dries.  That doesn't necessarily mean that it is DRY.  My hair from wet to dry shrinks, the coils get tighter, it gets a little frizzy too.  I'm fine with that.  Other people aren't.  They want that wet look all the time and hide behind the word moisturized.  If the hair is growing and isn't breaking, then why keep fighting it with the idea that it's supposed to be shiny and not shrink or frizz.  After all it's natural hair, that's what it does.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I Can't Lose Weight

I've been working at this since May and I feel like I'm getting nowhere.  The gym isn't getting better.  My foot hurts, but not as bad.  Or maybe I've become acclimated to the pain.  My belly doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.  Only my wrists, but, but wait, just one wrist seems to be getting smaller.  I say that in sarcasm because I wear just one bracelet.  Did the links stretch and this is all a joke?  I'm drinking 64oz of water.  Clean eating, moderation, protein, more fruit, more veggies, no French Fries, no this, no that and I feel like it's all in insert a cuss-word vain.

It really makes me wonder if I'm just supposed to be fat.  I've been praying and nearly to tears about this. Gastric bypass has even crossed my mind.  But I don't know with Jesse Jackson Jr. having depression and bi-polarism.  I'm already angry and frustrated.  That's probably what happened.  Couldn't lose weight, had surgery, somebody said that trigger word.  You never know.  It's serious people.

Maybe I should go back on the Devil aka metformin.  That will surely get my bowels moving like a ninja in the dark, but leaving me feeling like I have a serious stomach virus.  I'd rather be fat than to use that stuff again.  Yet, out of desperation I thought about it.

I've mentally cussed out everything.  I had to nicely tell my workout partner for chanting 'Get It Girl' while I'm in the zone. I really wanted to blurt out a string off ill things, but I didn't.  I apologized to her for being mean and why I didn't like the high pitched cheer leading.  I prayed to God, Allah, Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, and my blue light within to make a blankety-blank cramp in my ab to go away while working out.  I'm sure God side-eyed me when I cussed because just as it was going away, the cramp came back.  I prayed for forgiveness.  Yes, my attitude is deplorable. Now if you got offended, cast the first stone.

The mirror at the gym, let me tell you about that liar.  My shape is flicted, but not as messed up as that.  A little weight loss and toning and I'll be fine.  It's like I'm at a carnival and come up to the fun house of mirrors.  My belly is not that big.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, I'll take seven bad years for you.  Just like your lying cousin the scale.

Ciara, for those of you just joining in, my dog, has gotten yelled at for getting in my way when I'm trying to walk anywhere in the house.  She sleeps between the bed and wall all sprawled out so when I get up I have to step over her. That's a feat with legs feeling like concrete and my foot feeling like I'm stepping on 2X4s with nails in them.  Poor puppydawgkittyboogirl was crated one night after the gym so I could take a nap before work.  She was barking entirely too much.

A cortisone shot would be the ticket.  I'm really thinking about that.  In my mind I've already thought out the whole pain channeling.  I would need a nurse possibly to talk to during the procedure.  I like doctors and nurses that coo me to a happy place when pain is involved.  Yes, talk to me in a soothing voice and tell me I'm doing great.

Conclusion, I'll keep on exercising and eating clean.  I didn't gain ten pounds in a month.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thirsty ~ Drinking More Water

I've been on a healthier eating and living journey since my birthday this year.  It's really a challenge.  Seriously.  I have a friend who has lost 60 pounds in 5 months.  Well, I haven't.  I haven't gone as hard with this as she has.  While we were at the gym one day, she says that I should do some weights.  I told her I will when I feel like it.  She insists right then and that I wouldn't do it and come up with excuses.

Everyone is different. I'm doing the best I can, for me, right now.  I'm at the gym and  trying.    If we were the same, then everyone would be skinny or fat.  When I say I can't, dammit, I can't.  No, it's not because I do not want to do it.  It's because I cannot do it.  There may be a physical, emotional, or mental reason why, but when I can do it, I will.  Pressuring me makes me shut down. I'm a very strong willed person. I have my own goals, don't set them for me. 

Meanwhile, I've been drinking more water.  I'm up to 1.5 liters or roughly 50oz daily.  The of water one should drink is 64 oz a day.  The goal of drinking half ones weight in ounces has been suggested by experts for weight loss.  I'm not adding any flavoring to the water because the sugar substitutes in those is the worst tasting thing ever.  Once the water gets just the slightest bit warm, it tastes like poison.

If you are on then you've probably seen this picture.  I thought this was so cool.  The photo originated from this tumbler so I'm giving them credit.

Until next time drink more water!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feathers & Wings: Professional Cut Part II

I need some black hair spray.

Note it's 90+ degrees out & I have on a hoodie.  It's cold at work and I do pull my hood over my head.

I like it. This is after the cut, rinsing my hair, and a little JML leave-in.

I leave you with this.

Some of my feathers were plucked out and wings nearly broken. I'm going to allow my feathers to grow back in and let my pretty wings heal. Once I'm ready to take flight I'm going to soar high above all the vultures, pigeons, and buzzards that ruffled my feather and $#!+ on them. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Professional Cut

Just got back from the barber shop.  I've had my hairline shaped before, last week maybe.  Today, I got it all shaped.  He did a good job considering my hair is ridiculously stubborn and would stay picked out. Oh well, it'll all blend in once I shampoo it.

I'm so happy!

My jaws were to big in the last one.

I cut my head off in the last one, but it was a good one.

Trying to recreate the other one and tried too hard.

This is a good one! Have a wonderful day!

My Hair's Conscience

It's me at work.  I'm feeling the small earring thing, but for some reason I just couldn't get a good picture with them showing.  My reflection in the mirror was perfect, but the camera phone was not cooperating at all.  You know how they do!  As far as earrings go, 3 inches and less is my still.  I know people with TWAs and other styles usually go for gigantic earrings.  Simple and elegant trumps out large and bold for me.  With that said, I'm going to focus on smaller earrings using gemstones and precious metals. 

If you've been around me online from way back, 6+ years ago, then you'll know I've been using Jamaican Mango & Lime Cactus leave-in moisturizer forever.  Yes, it's been through changes.  No, it's not all natural.  It's made by a Black owned business, but I get it from the local Asian beauty supply store.  It works.  It's a light weight, water soluble, slippery cream.  I don't use conditioner after watering or shampooing my hair, so this is all the product my hair gets and needs. 

I was recommended this product, Garnier Fructis, Sleek & Shine leave-in by a relaxer wearing person who occasionally does the wash-n-go that is curly in some places and straight in others.  O_o  I was very hesitant, but was assured that it should work for my hair.  It does just fine, but a little too much turns my hair white and chalky.  This product is not all natural.  I bought it at Harris Teeter.  It's not made by anyone I know.  Honestly, I don't think my hair really likes it anyway.

I would like to find a nice all natural, handmade product for my hair, but it cannot have SHEA BUTTER. 

If you've used these products and your hair liked them, would you try to fix something that isn't broken?  I'm Facebook & Twitter friends with so many people who make products and I feel guilty not being able to say that I use Black Woman Over There Hair Pudding Custard Souffle Mousse Leave-In Moisturizing Conditioner Cream Butter.  Should it matter who you get the product from if it works?  What would you do?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No More Sisterlocks

And then there were none!  Yes, I'm near bald again and I love it.  The TWA is so much better for my life.

For those of you who want to know why I cut my hair, I did it because I can.  Why not?  I've outgrown Sisterlocks and that explaination is some previous posts.  As I was cutting them, I felt like the sweat shop workers in The Wiz when the evil witch was flushed down the toilet and they peeled off their costumes.  This is not the clip, but it is A Brand New Day.

I doubt if I would even want my afro as long as Diana Ross' in this movie.  For now I'm going to follow my mom's lead and keep it short, simple, and sassy from here on out, unless I make a wig.  Here's Tarin making herself a big Diana Ross wig.  This much hair needs to be taken off at night. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Angela's Sisterlocks Install 34th Client

I was trying to count them as I installed them. I think it might be 330ish with the possibility of even an another 16. It took 12-13 hours over two days.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Own This!

The store is closed for now.  It's amazing and a blessing that I was getting more orders when I was barely tweeting, MIA from facebook, and not making anything new.  That's a beautiful thing.  On the flip side, it gets boring making the same thing over and over and over.  Yes, I get faster at making it.  Buy the supplies for that item in bulk when I can.  And I do get tickled that people are still buying it.  I'm talking about Down Town Brown.  You do it little hair tie!  But brown over and over can be sad for me.  I like colors and I like new beads.  I like colorful new beads.  I have plenty in packages that haven't been open.  DTB won't let me get to them.  So, I'm taking over again!  Even though I'm own this store, I really don't.  With any business, the customers and clients own it.  The owner just sneaks away when they can until they once again say, "I'm CEO of this joint.  I make the rules."  All in all, it's better to be a slave to your business than somebody else's. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What Have I Been Doing?

I've been MIA?

Social Networking:
Twitter sounds more like crickets from my end than a chipper, churping birdie.  Facebook has been getting a little love, but I've been less active with that.  Pinterest is my newest friend.  I skipped from Twitter, to trying out tumbler, to falling into addiction with Pinterest.  The beautiful thing is there's no conversation.  Not many people are on it, yet.  There's pictures of food with links to recipes, baby animals and humans doing cute things, fashion, beauty, make-up, fantasy boyfriends, and yes, products that people promote.  Pinterest is easy!  Get invited, sign-up, and download the toolbar icon thing and get to pinning.  If you would like to know more about this magically little picture site please google it or visit its dot com.  And if you would like to see all of my fantasy boyfriends, cuteness, and products I like, then check me out at Tomoka's Twists on Pinterest.

Delayed Shipping:
The orders aren't going out as fast as they used too.  I know and I feel some kind of way about it too.  I have a job again which puts the total number of jobs held by me at this time to three.  For the past few weeks, I get off work and do hair or do hair then go to work.  Then I'll do orders somewhere in between.  What I didn't realize is I have way more many clients than I thought.  Therefore, I have enough and will not be accepting anymore clients.  Good Hair will be back as soon as my supplier has free s/h or some kind of discount.  I know that's a shame, but if I save, you save!

The Job:
I love it.  It's such a small little company, under 40 people employed, and everyone is so friendly.  KUM BA YAH!  We have lunch parties for no reason. EATING!  I work in a lab all by myself, testing chemicals.  It's not hard, yet has it's responsibilities like any job.  BALLING! The catch. Yes there's a catching to BALLING and EATING!  I'm on a rotating shift which means I work one week of 1st, 2nd, and then 3rd.  The last week of the month might be first shift.  Most of the time Monday-Friday and usually 8 hours a day. It's tricky.  Another good thing is I make two turns out of my house and I'm at work in 12 minutes.  CRUISING

My Hair:
Sometimes I want to cut it all off.  Other times I want to curl it.  But at all times, I don't want to retighten my own hair.  I have about 200 locks left after the cutting off many in the nape area.  They were bunched up, crazy, and personally, I felt as if the hair there did not want to lock up.  The good news is I haven't cut if off and it is still GROWING!

New Items:
I have so many new beads and so little time.  I would like for somebody to just take all off my clients off my hands and off my right heel that's been killing me for about a month now.  The good news is that there is a lady not far from me who is a trainee and she'll be able to take on hundreds of clients. The topic was New Items.  I'll be listing new items in the near future!

What Else is New:
I have a new man friend! My mom taught me how to knit.  That's some hard, the devil is a liar, palms all sweaty, nerve racking mess.  Learn how to knit.  But wait, then you have to learn how to pearl.  Then drop a damn stitch.  Let the whole needle fall out your hand and all the stitches drop.  $500 for a dishcloth. If somebody gives you a knit something, be very thankful.  Frame it.  I would not knit anything for a baby unless it's my own or the parents sign a legal agreement that they will have professional photographs of said baby in said knitted item.  With that said I am glad that I learned how to knit. It was a great bonding moment with my mom. So far I've made a dishcloth, one fingerless glove and working on the second one.