Thursday, November 13, 2008

Updates & Picture & More Obama

Handmade crochet Obama caps/hats/and more $20 no s/h!
I got a large size just in case.

Remember that video I did a while back? Someone watched it and bought a Juicybag. I don't know who you are but thank you so much. It really means a lot to me because sometimes I don't think I have fashion sense! Seriously, it does mean a lot, more than words can say.


Laquita said...

Nice :o)

CarmenNC said...

laquita - WHAT'S UP! Thank you!

Smell Goods Lady said...

That hat is too cool!

Juicybags are cute too. Saw a documentary on women in "third world" countries. A lady was picking up juice boxes to make bags. The townspeople supported her and business started booming. She secured a micro-loan and was able to purchase the boxes from the manufacturer. She became even more successful.

That documentary was very inspirational. It showed women (men) with little resources making moves to secure financial freedom for their families.

Again, the hat is cool, you look good in it. ;O)

Brown ButtahFly said...

Love the cap! Looks good on you!

CarmenNC said...

Thank you Smell Goods Lady - the company could have just given her some of the ones that didn't make inspection. LOL. Anyways, a beautiful story of how people will make a way out of no-way.

Brown Buttahfly - thank you, has more styles and colors and you can customize one with BBFly if you like.