Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Video - Angelicgems & Juicybags

I haven't watched the video, so I hope it goes well. I don't like watching myself.

rmcandlelight asked "Can you do a video showing us your locks?" I did a quick post with a few pictures. I wanted to take some pictures for Angelicgems & Juicybags to show me actually wearing their items. So I thought - I'll just do a video!

I have been looking for a quirky, color laptop tote for a while now. I have a case for it, but for everyday use it's not practical, too bulky and it just screams - steal me. Or when I'm at work when I got my laptop back, I had the case and brought it inside and somebody said, "I see you brought your laptop." The business is mine. Stay out of it!

I twitter and one of the many fine Etsy artists that I follow sells these totes made of CapriSun or Kool-Aid Jammers pouches. So I twittered her asking if they would be suitable for laptops. Next thing I know, she's asking for dimensions and colors. She's adding extra layers for strength, two closures, and a list of extras that I would have never thought of...

This bag has gotten so many compliments. It's by JuicyBags at so please stop by to see all of her items or leave a note to get a custom bag.

I did a post not long ago about Angelicgems and her cute jewelry. You read about it or just skip what I have to say and go straight to Her work speaks for itself!


Laquita said...

Nice Video! Nice product review - Good to see Juicybags, and Angelicgems live :o)

Naturally Sophia said...

I like your video. It shows me how your hair is not "good" for locking like mine. You and your locks look great!

Khandi said...

Thank you for sharing your video, whenever i watch them i feel like i know you (if you get my drift).

Helen said...

Ohh... that is the cutest thing ever! My daughter and I watched it together. What a sweetheart you are, spreading my 'name' out there;-) I'm thrilled that you are happy with the bag. I had so much fun designing it 'specially for you.

I love your hair- that would look so cute on my s16 year old son. My kids are biracial and have soft, but very very curly hair. Always a struggle to know how to deal with to watch the video of how you do that.

rmcandlelight said...

Carmen, You are soooo cute. Thanks so much for doing this video. I asked you because I figured my hair texture is like yours and it is. I am 1 year locked as of 11/10/08. My locks are coming along and not as frizzy as it use to be but I know they will alway have that fuzzy look. I love them as well. I do wonder will my nape area ever lock though. You need to keep doing videos. Thanks again.

CarmenNC said...

Forgive me everyone. I thought I commented.

laquita - thank you for the compliments and I had to share my new goodies. The ladies are sweet like their products. Can you see a theme with my purchases? COLORS!

Naturally Sophia - Yes my hair doesn't take to being woman-handled into shape. It's doing better with SLs than any style I've had. Thank you for the compliments.

Khandi - If you really want to get to know me - twitter with me! Thank you for watching!

Helen - Thank you for stopping by and the bag is hot. I know I promised pictures and give a crazy video. For your children - NEVER RELAX IT'S THE DEVIL. I have Sisterlocks. If you want you can braid/plait the hair really small to get the same effect. If you need more info, let me know!

rmcandlelight, Thank you for the compliment. Happy SL anniversary! I had no idea what to talk about. I figured to just show what my hair does in SLs. Thank you for the idea and I'll try to keep making a videos.

Helen said...

Just saw your reply now-- I know that relaxing is bad...but BOTH of my kids do it. My DD is nearly 19 now, so she does her own thing with her hair. My son is 16 and he hates his hair short, so his sister relaxes it and he wears it all straggling down with gel in it. Wish he would just get it nice and short and keep it tidy- but he's not going to listen me- I'm his MOM..LOL!

Noneofyourbeeswacks said...

I luv the bag!!!!!!!!! I'm going to have to check it out...its very different which is nice. Your hair is sooooooooooo cute.