Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank You for...

Supporting me with compliments
Sending emails with love
Telling me to keep making TT's
Giving suggestions and advice
Purchasing again, & again, & again
Telling your friends
Sending me pictures
Leaving feedback

I am very humbled.


Smell Goods Lady said...

Isn't it wonderful to be loved?! Here is some are being featured in my newsletter. It just came to my heart and mind the other day to do that. I think your product idea is excellent. I look forward to being one of those satisfied customers real soon.

Girl, as I am typing this, I am grooving! This music is slammin!!

CarmenNC said...

Thank you so much! I'm excited. I wish people would sign up for my newsletter. I do have one subscriber so far - ME. So until I get a million subscribers, I'll be blogging up a storm.

Yes it is good to be loved and appreciated. What sparked me to post a thank you, is I think some people don't realize that you are nothing without each other. I WAS a member of a few forums and and the owners acted as if they were tired of answering the same questions. Telling people if you would have read more you would know that about me. That's rude. If at any time a person gets tired of helping, then take a break. If you cannot answer the question, then say so tactfully. The same people that built your business are the same ones that will rip it apart if you come with some ego driven rude mess. I deleted my accounts or don't return to the sites because I refuse to be around people with negative spirits.

With that said, I'm tired. I plan on doing Sisterlocks at a very limited pace. I'm going to be very selective. I've noticed that my clients who do well with their locks have two things in common. And that I will keep to myself.

The music selection - Barack inspired music. Yes We Can, Can - that's his slogan. We Shall Overcome, I didn't do the song cause it makes me cry, the speech lights a fire in me. Which comes to Serpentine Fire - the spinal fire or energy that some experience when they are feeling really good. Think about the medical staff with wings and two snakes. In general it's the warm feeling you get when you feel good. Get Up Off of That Thing - well James Brown was known to have a calming effect on the masses as well as uplifting them. I could have played Black & Proud, but this is beyond color cause all races played a role in electing Obama. A lot of people asked me how I was doing and all I could I could say was I'm having a lovely day. Oh Happy Day is a little slow and there are some good non-Christain folks out there that voted too so I didn't want a Jesus song. Can You Feel It - the VICTORY tour song. We accomplished a great feeling and people of the world can feel it.

Can you tell I enjoy music?

Thank you again Itiel!