Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crystal Clear - Consultant Needs Sisterlocks

Crystal II - glass cut disco style balls with silver tone metal flower spacers.
Crystal from last year around this time. Also featured is the first wooden Tomoka's Twist.


I just found out about the Takoma's twists and I think they're great! I was just curious to know do you make specialty colors or bead types? You have one with silver beads that I really like, but I wear GOLD jewelry only.... so it doesn't match I saw one on a woman that I also like, but it was either white or clear and I don't see it on the site, do you change the site often or are there more choices elsewhere?

I'm looking forward to your reply,

Ah ha! I sent a reply letting her know Goldie Locks is only sold in the Etsy store. I have a white Twist and tie listed there as well. Since Maranda mentioned a clear one, I decided to make a new Crystal. It's not available yet. I could only make one out of the beads I had. Sorry. If you like it - Earrings will be available too.

I'm working on a hairtie. I've been telling everyone who'll listen about it. The ones that I make with the circle of beads are too time consuming to make. They are beautiful and easy to wear so from time to time I'll make a new one. In the meantime this is on the basis of what I have in mind. I might have to find somebody to make the pieces. Also, a consultant in New York is looking to have small and medium Sisterlocks. She wants her parts exact and wants roughly 600 locks. She's really to travel to North Carolina and South Carolina and maybe farther. If you're up for the install please let me know. I passed along a few names. She's looking to have the done before Christmas.


Evelyn said...

Your locks (and you) are adorable. The TT's are fabulous and I can't wait to own a pair. I just use a black cloth to tie my long locs back away from my face. How cool to have some TT's to spruce 'em up a little bit.


Laquita said...

Those are nice :o) I am adding them to my wish list. I will be looking out for those hairties as well.

CarmenNC said...

evelyn - thank you for stopping by and leaving words of support and compliments. I appreciate it! Ain't nothing wrong with a black clothe. I've used shoe strings before and yarn too. Whatever is handy that works is cool with me.

laquita - thank you! I've seen what I want but it as a belt and might be too big. I went to the company site and the pieces are too complicated and might snag the hair. So, I'm still searching.

rmcandlelight said...

I love the red hair tie. It looks like a puzzle (lol) Can't wait for you to make hairties.

CarmenNC said...

rmcandlelight, That's exactly what I'm trying to come up with something really cool, yet retro. When people see it, they'll say, "I know she didn't, I could have thought of that."