Monday, August 6, 2007

Five Months - Pop, Lock & Drop It

So the instructional dance song 'Pop, Lock, & Drop It' which I happen to like, is by some cat named Huey. I will get my laughing, locked, married, handsome co-worker for not correcting me.
"You know that song by Lil' Bow Wow 'Pop, Lock It, Drop It'?"
"Which song?" Handsome Married Co-worker with Locks grinned with no let up.
"Pop, Lock It, Drop It by Lil' Bow Wow."

That's why Mrs. P calls you 'Chocolate'.

I am sorta hurt that Lil Bow Wow didn't come up with that song. I was thinking it was totally hot that he would make a female entertainer song when it was rumored that Ciara left him because he was spending time with an adult only type dancer. I should have named Ciara, Beyonce. They have the same color hair, always on everything, and impressive yet sometimes annoying voices.

Did I ever tell the story behind Ciara's name? She wasn't named after Ciara the singer at all. Caesar, an adorably cute runt of the litter, would turn at the moment he heard the 'see' sound at the beginning of Caesar. The sweet faced little fellow would swat to use the bathroom, would stop and hold his paw up with his tail curled over his back in a ? fashion. I thought it was so cute. His male owner thought it was gay. And to find out, for her particular breed the ? tail in pointing is a flaw and is actually called a 'gay tail'. I should have had it docked because that thing hurts like a whip.

Caesar went to the vet and her human care givers were puzzled when the vet kept referring to Caesar as a she and a her. After being showed a male puppy as proof, Caesar's name had to be changed. We practiced other names with her like Samantha, Sarah. Ceily worked. The word 'see' worked too. Before we left the room we had a name. Since, CiCi was too close to my real name, the only other name I could think of was ---

--- Back to my hair, it's been five months.


blackrussian said...

Not one but TWO funny stories!

And the hair is looking cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm still lovin the curlies and your hair is growing!!!

I couldn't imagine anyone naming their pet Ceily.... but I know someone's pet has to be named that. I'm happy you kept Ciara.

Mel said...

Congrats Carmen! I can see that your has thickened up alot - I am jealous of your big hair!

NappyTexanGirl said...

Hey Carmen,
First time poster, long time lurker... Happy 5 months, your little curly babies look so cute. I know time FLIES by when you are SL ing....

Carmen In NC said...

BlackRussian, thank you for the compliments. Funny stories - I got this one long funny story but afraid to share. Just a few seconds ago I got a pep talk on releasing my book to the world. - "Nothing beats a failure but a try."

Meikmeika - thank you! I think my curlies are slowly clumping.

Mel, thank you and at least you do styles with your hair. I have yet to get a little guts to do more than pulling it back.

Nappytexangirl, thank you for stopping by and leaving your mark. I've been to your blog many many times.

Talking Yam said...

Your hair is looking just fabulous, Carmen!

Moosiko said...

Wow! look at those beautiful locks with curls. I am noticing that even as you hair lengthens the wave pattern is staying put. I wonder how long my curls will remain as my hair grows out.

n'Drea said...

Your locks are really growing. And I love those Tomoka twists.