Tuesday, July 24, 2007

McDonald's and Ciara's Dirty Ear

Ciara has been shaking her head and scratching her ear since Sunday. Last night I put some Jojoba oil in it. I was going to put some sweet oil aka olive oil known for soothing ear problems in it but since the jojoba has a pump I used that. That helped until this morning. I was going to put some of my premixed jojoba/grapeseed/tea tree oil in her ear, but since I've never tried that on myself, I called the vet and picked up some Epi-Otic from them. There I changed her contact info from her dead beat father's to mine. The address and all was the same, but he was listed under her info. Before skeeting a gallon of this stuff in her ear I let her run free in the neighborhood since she knows not to go on grey pavement (the big street) beyond the hill behind the house. She visited the big black dog. Sniffed some plants for a good five minutes and then came running to the front door. We weeded the backyard/patio and sprayed weedkill on everything. Ciara was in heaven so I pinned her down and went to work on her ear.

After I picked up Ciara's medicine I went to McDonald's. I have a slight loyalty to McD since the company, Kay an Ecolab Company, I work for is the sole supplier for of cleaning agents for every single McDs (except Germany). I'm talking about from the pavement, windows, dishes, machines, tables, floors, laundry, and more. And Kay supplies Yum brands - KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut.... And Burger King.

I got a compliment from a white lady. In her more ghetto and country than I am dialect or whatever "Yer her is pertty. I like that." I thanked her and thought if I had ever gotten a compliment from a white person who didn't know me. She didn't ask what they were or any questions about them. That was the first real compliment that I have ever received in person. So I told her, "You're the first person that's complimented my hair."

This McD was full of blue collar men too - dusty, dirty, greasy, hot and sweaty, hungry, young, muscular, hard-working, Dickey's wearing, strong armed, salty tasting MENZ. I did look at every last one of them. How do I know they are salty tasting? Because men taste like salt when they sweat. Did you know that male sweat is an aphrodisiac? My sweat tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crust.

I was eating my McCruncher, when this ridiculously old and ugly man said I looked comfortable sitting there. I said I was and kept eating. On his second round past me he bidded me a good day. I samed to him. Then he was leaving out, and was motioning and mouthing something. So, I loudly and ignorantly said, "Main, I cain't hur you, watcha ya say now?" He came over and asked me for my number. "You know I got a man, right?" He asked if he could give me his number. "You know I ain't gonna call, right?" He laughed and walked on about his business. So outside this joint, he asked if I had changed my mind. "No, I still got a man and I still ain't calling." He went on about how honest I was and there needed to be more ladies like me and how lucky my man was. I got in my car and kept it moving.

Moral of this story, use the drive-thru.

And what the heck is this about? I guess I'll click here and find out.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Hope the medicine you give Ciara works...

That man was persistent wasn't he? I'll make sure I hit up the drive-thru from now on.

What's this blogger spam stuff??

Naturally Sophia said...

LOL! I can totally relate on the McDonald's thing. The more I interact with the public, the funnier it gets. I think it's ironic that your first in person comment was from a white woman. I hope Ciara is better.

Male sweat...maybe that's why I am so diligently going to the gym.lol!

blackrussian said...

Too funny girl! You make me lol ALL THE TIME! I have more comments, but I'm traveling and check-out is in half an hour, so I gotta come back.



Carmen In NC said...

I think everyone that's given a compliment started out with the questions. Then after finding out what they want to know about my hair, they'll add, "Oh well, it's nice," or "Oh I like it." As if they are obligated to say something nice after drilling me with a million questions.

Ro~ said...

OMG!!! Why do I attract the same exact 'ole man at my local McD's here in the D!?!??!?! LOL!!! :o)

blackrussian said...

Weird about the spam blog thing. The Google ppl need to tweak that.

I'm not even gonna ask any questions or leave any comments about the sweat....

But I HAVE to say THIS:

Ok...what is UP with the BROKE-DOWN ole man tryin' to holla?! I don't think I would really mind too much if a distinguished older professional tried to hit on me. I think I would be flattered.

But when he looks like a field hand or wino...I am like...um, do I LOOK like we're in the same league???

What makes you think you've got a chance?

This first started to happen to me about 3 years ago and I was afraid I was beginning to look older or something when men 50+ started to approach me. So I would ask: 'scuse me granpa...how old do I look to you?

They routinely say 21,22 or 23, which is even MORE disturbing. It usually IS when I'm wearing a ponytail and lip gloss and tees and shorts...looking particularly youthful.

It's just like: what do you think you have to offer me? Or do you think I'm too young and silly to know better?

On a positive note, a young black professional (real estate agent) asked me to lunch at work Wednesday. (Did I say he was FINE?...He puts me in the mind of Roger Cross - who is probably best known for his role as Curtis Manning on "24". Have I told you how much I love me a big black man??)

I work part-time at a real estate school and he was there for continuing ed classes.

He started with a compliment for my hair. He'd signed up on Fri. I got a retite on Monday and brotha-man Noticed!

(It lays better right after a tightening and looks a little longer. And it was a little wild Monday morning so I put it up in a bun.)

He was like: Hey! You changed your hair. I liked it anyway, but I see it's different now. It's really pretty. What's the occasion? Have you got a lunch date or something?


Well, do you think we can go to lunch today?

But alas, I COULDN'T go. I had to work thru lunch that day. I was the only one in the office. Shoot!

Carmen In NC said...

Blackrussian's got a boyfriend! I'll go to your blog and tease you some.

Carmen In NC said...

You know had to google Roger Cross. He's a nice looking man.

blackrussian said...

Yes...Yes he is.

blackrussian said...

Just read your comment on my blog. Hilarious. I live 2 minutes from 3 grocery stores and I HAVE been known to dash out in 'house clothes' to get a missing ingredient for a recipe and times like that I understand, but I mean when I'm NOT looking a mess...WHAT is the deal?

But, yeah, it happens only once or twice a year, but every time I've felt like I needed to visit my local M.A.C. counter and hair salon STAT after such an encounter.

Ro~ said...

Ok I'm dippin' in this one. Roger Cross is..........is.......very pleasant on the eyez.
Back to the 'ole men...I usually ignore them and keep walkin' like, "You couldn't possibly be talking to me."

PAYLAR said...


HappilyNappilyNish said...

LMAO ! Cinnamon toast crunch...
I guess mine taste like curry and rice and peas....