Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tea Tree Oil & Egyptian Magic

If it's good enough for the human, then it's good enough for the dog. I've used tea tree oil for most skin problems and a yeast infection too. I have this other expensive ointment called Egyptian Magic that cleared up this mysterious rash on my neck and other skin problems. An ex hipped me wise to it. Before the military his skin was buttery smooth and even. Then he began to shave leaving his skin riddled with hair bumps and discolored skin. An old man told him about EM. Ex used EM religously and his skin was once again blemish and bump free. It also speeded up Ciara's healing from her operation.

Back to tea tree oil. So, the Epi Otic dog ear cleaning solution cleaned her ear, but something else is WRONG. The tea tree oil called out to me. I googled it and it's perfect for dog ears. What else can tea tree oil do?

The cheapest I've seen Egyptian Magic is $27.95 from Nature & Herbs on amazon. When I bought it a year ago it was $24.95.

Oh and I should have never thought about Ciara's deadbeat male human care giver. He called yesterday while he was at work -a loud barbershop- asking me about a $2 bill he gave me. He said he asked me to put it up in my jewelry drawer of my vanity. Please. He gave me the $2 bill. And then he says, "I can give you two dollars for the bill." WOW. I asked him for $68 for Ciara's Frontline and heartworm pills. He said his car needed repairs and he couldn't go out and buy a new car like me. WTH? So, I hung up the phone. Now I will google $2 bills because people just give them to me like it's nothing. And for him to ask about it, it might be worth something.


Moosiko said...

WOW! I never knew that tea tree oil could be used in so many ways. I always just used it for cuts or mosquito bites. Thanks for the great information.

Carmen In NC said...

I'm glad I did do this post. Anytime something happens with the skin - I'm googling 'problem tea tree oil'. I have some peppermint so I'll see if I have some of that too.

Moosiko, you're welcome.

blackrussian said...

Thanks for the info!

I've never heard of the EM, I'm curious.

blackrussian said...

Thought about you yesterday when I was traveling through your neck of the woods. I was on my way to Richmond and passed thru the G'boro, WS, HP area. I'm traveling with my Dad this time, but next time I know I'm coming I'll try yo give you a few days heads up and maybe we can do lunch...but NOT at McD'

Carmen In NC said...

LOL, yes please do let me know. And I went to VCU so you were in both of my stomping grounds.

Tommy Knapp said...

Hey I use Egyptian Magic at least once a day!!! It is pretty incrediable. I used it for over a year and the entire time I was telling everyone I could about it. Then one day I think to myself, I should sell this stuff since I am so excited about it. SO now I sell it.
The tea tree oil is another great thing. I used it on blemishes here and there. My wife uses it a lot too. Great blog!