Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mrs. K & Blog Hopping

I want to say that with my schedule, I have not been able to visit blogs like I want. When I do, I might not leave a comment because I'm pulled in a thousand directions. Just to let you know, I see you out there! The best way to catch me is on twitter & facebook!

I've also had issues with my computer. I've had my laptop for a year now and on my fourth battery adapter and the backspace button fell off. Yes, I'm hard on my laptop.

Blah, blah, blah - You came for the Sisterlocks, right??? This is Mrs. K. I think I have a few clients who's name start with K - Keisha, Katrina who's self-retightening, and Kathryn.

If you look at Mrs. K's hair you'd think - relaxed ends - that's her hair curled on sponge rollers. Her hair is basically straight with a little kink to it, like poodle fur. Her testers stayed in after 2 shampoos, roller setting, and I suspect OIL!!! Her install took 12.5 hours over 3 days.

If you browse through the blog and you know a little something, something about Sisterlocks, then you're probably pondering, 'Why doesn't she have her certification???' I'm working on it! When I made my last video, I said I wasn't going to do it because of time. It's amazing how you'll find time for people who want what you can do. Also, I have had a nice donation for my best supporters. Thank you Mom & Dad for your love, the beads, and support!

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sunsail said...

Wow, those parts are off the chain!! Good job!!