Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Haters & The Truth

Please, please, please - my site is tomokastwists.com - If you land on tomikas, tamikas, timikas - twists, that is so not me. My haters are seriously hating. Let's pray for them!


Evie said...

That is SO shady!!! I can't believe it. I accidentally typed tomika instead of tomoka and ended up at a totally different website!

I have a website, so I understand the importance of having people 'land' on the right page. It's the equivalent of your storefront. So, for someone to purposefully use the equivalent of your brandname to have them end up in their store is so low.

I would never purchase anything from them based on the fact that they obviously have no scruples.

Remember what goes around comes around. There is such a thing as Karma and they are digging a ditch for themselves! I'm sorry this has happened to you. Stay strong, and keep up the great work. Your items are beautiful and unique.


Carmennc said...

Thank you so much! I feel bad for my customers who might find that. One of my most frequent customers found it and was shocked to fury.

It is a pitiful situation and instead of hurting me, it really hurts them. It shows how cut throat they are as well as gives me motivation to create.

cheleski said...

geez, this plaigerism(sp?) is what keeps running me off of the net...i get mad then delete my blog, im back,lol.keep doing your thing lady!


Girl, There are HATERS everywhere!!! Its sad how far people will go but brush it off!!! If things get to the point where someone is copying your stuff completely..hit them with a law suit!! That'll wake them up. Just keep in mind the haters bring income baby!!! Thats how I see it!! keep your head up...smooches & hugs!