Friday, May 22, 2009

You Make Me Look Luxurious

S. Luxurious worn by Chantell
Super V8 or CT65 TT Super V8 or CT65 TT
Silver Tambourine
S. Luxurious - Listed as $16

S. Luxurious worn by Yasu

S. Luxurious worn by Jada
S. Luxurious worn by Newly Natural


Makeup Theory said...

I know this is about the hair accessories, but those red locs are incredible. They have me lusting for my long-gone loc days.

Moosiko said...

Sooooo cute. can't wait to order more. Now if I can only get some pics taken when I have these little accessories on :)

NubianLockedPrincess said...

You are very creative. I bead too! I have been very lazy these months LOL Since my hair is getting a little length, I will have to place an order with you!

I have given you the kreativ blogger award!

Gigglz said...

Can i just say I'm loving the red locks!!!