Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sold Out is Good! Back with More!

I recently visited my store to update Luxurious S., the recently sold out and now back in stock, and as I went through - EVERYTHING had been sold. I appreciate everything!

I have been stock piling beads for some time now, mainly because I was too busy making orders to make new items. With my last sell Saturday morning, I took the calm time to make a few new items, a new product, and revamp some older items.

I've been wanting to do the piece featured above for the longest time. It is so similar to the little hair accessories every little black girl had. Remember the ones with the two balls on the ends? You used to wrap them 500 times around your ponytail base, pull the hair really tight against them, and plait or twist it up? I think they have some with flowers and animals now, but coming up they had these clear, huge bright balls on each end.

I have more beads coming in as well as hair stix! Do you remember the hair stix? Well, I'm bringing them back. They'll be shorter, but with all the same high quality beads to adorn your hair.

To see all of the newer goodies, please stop by Tomoka's Twists dot com.

What do you think?

Update - Go-Go is gone!


Writing Addict said...

Just dropping by to say you've been tagged with the Kreative Blogger Award and you know you deserve it because your blog is truly wonderful. The rules go that you have to list 7 things that you truly love then give the award to 7 bloggers who truly inspire you. No obligation of course choose as many or as little recipients you would like.

Carmennc said...

I'm going to work on it!