Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Locks, Love, Laptop, and Me

I'm in like again and hopefully this one will last, FOREVER. I'm tired of the cycle of meeting, courting, playing, and breaking up. He's a dollbaby. There is an age difference of a few years, a whole lot of years, like thirteen years.

I got my battery adapter for my laptop today! My laptop runs about 24/7 and the battery adapter lasts about 12 months or less. I'm surprised it lasted that long. I was able to update my website. Many items sold out over the three days it was out. I have new items coming and I hope folks will like them and the lower prices!

I want freeform locks!

Let's see. My job is slowing down since P&G is ending it's year. Boo! That means less hours until the end of the month. On my time away from work I'll be somewhere fishing. Maybe I'll learn to like seafood as much as the fisherman taking me.

Here's some new goodies. I hope you like it!


Serving Christ said...

Hi there beautiful. I am such an advocate for relationships and marriage in particular, so lets hope you can rock with this one. My hubby is quite a few years older than I am, but we have been married now for over 10 years and our relationship is great. Just learn to appreciate the age and wisdom difference and enjoy the time together!! BTW- Love the new pieces!!

lunedreams said...

My boyfriend of four years is 13.5 years old than me and I love him to death. He's steady and solid, content with his life, understands himself, doesn't want more kids (a + for me), and a real, honest-to-goodness grown up. And he's hot and fitter than most people half his age (that doesn't hurt!). He's a gem and I have to say I'm a fan now of the older man. Enjoy your new man!

Laquita said...

Hey Carmen - Congrats on your relationship - my husband and I are only a month a part - but I always remind him that HE is the old one ;o)

I love the new stuff - although I haven't purchased lately I have been lurking and adding more to my wish list. Once I get the two girls in my house situated(they are both graduating from the sixth grade - two pastel dresses, shoes, hairstyles, gifts (one party though) etc.) I will be purchasing again.

Have fun fishing - my stepdaughter has been dreaming of going fishing forever - maybe you can bring us back some shrimp and crabs ;o)

Carmennc said...

Serving Christ - Pray for us! The age difference is proving to be a big plus! He knows how to do everything from cars to cooking. He's Clint Eastwood, Denzel, Morgan Freeman, and Sean Connery rolled into one, lol.

Lunedreams - First it's an honor to have your fancy jewelry making self stop by my parts of the blogworld! It sounds like your boyfriend came from the same good honest, real men batch! I pray my new buddy continues to shine like a star.

Laquita, I'm learning that age (after 18) is a matter. It's all about maturity. At first I was thinking, what will people say? If I keep worrying about all the people in the world, I'll never think about me and my happiness. My father is less than 6 months older than my mother. From time to time he'll pick on her about it.

I'm trying to find new items, cute, less expensive, but great quality. Congrats to the little miss ladies on their graduation! I'll have to make a trip to your blog!

Love'nyalocs said...

Yes, age is really meaningless after 18 (or 21 if you're wanna buy some booze ;-)) It's all about the right connection between the two folks involved.
Also, I've been meanint to tell yo uthat your new stuff is really awesome!! Great eye you have.
And did I hear you say you want free form locks?? If so, go for it. It's only hair so I say do yo'thang!!