Saturday, March 14, 2009

Any Good News?

I read CNN on my phone all of the time. Lately it's just been news ranging from horrible to hideous to what is going on in the world today?

Here are some of the news as I see it. A man steals a plane, runs it into a mall, killing himself and five year old son. Wife has to sell items of heirlooms of her famous Rabbi husband because Madoff robbed them blind. A man kills ten people and himself because he didn't live up to his own dreams. Preacher shot dead during church service. Student kills several because he was picked on at school. Japan is launching destroyers because Somalian pirates are raiding ships. I like to think of it as self defense because what would you do if somebody kept dumping radio active mess in your backyard. Skipping Rihanna and Chris Brown because that's why people stay out of domestic problems. We can tell them time and time again to leave, but sometimes they don't. Moving onto BeBe Winans pushing down his ex-wife in front their children. I was a bit taken back at how nice BeBe looks compared to when he was in the Heaven video.

Onto the good news of Michael Jackson selling out in 4 hours. Who's Bad?

Now with me, I could go on and on about what I hate and what gets on my nerves but I won't. So, what's good with me? I went home last week and had a ball with my parents and they did my taxes.

I finally bought a new printer. I hope everyone who's made purchases appreciates the packing slips. I was getting tired of plugging up my old laptop and old printer to my air card. Everything was moving at snails pace making that part of getting orders out a chore.

My hair is locking and people can actually recognize my hair as locks now! As for the nape. The bunching has gotten out of hand on the two outer most bottom locks so I took them out. The hair will remain unlocked for now. I have one lock left on that row and he will probably be taken aloose too.

I have been dating the same guy with no cheating for an entire year. I'm still not posting any pictures just in case, lol. I do have two of us in my Facebook album.

I have been tinkering with the idea of getting a tattoo. If I punk out I'll get something pierced. I really like the guy above. His name is Kokopelli. He is Native fertility god, prankster, healer and story teller who also helps winter turn into spring with his flute. I personally like to think that he plays the Frankie Knuckles The Whistle Song.

Do you have any good news?


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey Carmen! You're so right, with all the nonsense going on it's time to talk about the good things. I don't have any specific good news, but life is great in general :-).

Cashana said...

I am so sick of the media, I don't know what to do. Good news, my aunt turned 78 on Mar. 14th. That is a blessing...

Naturally Sophia said...

I am sick of the depressing news. I have been fastidious in making jewelry/hair adornments. I have received my Tomoka's Twist and love it! That is my good news.

Laquita said...

I agree with you about the news - lately I've not been able to make it through thirty minutes without turning it off :o(

lol@if I punk out I'll probably get someting pierced :o) I have three tattoos (I'm going to get at least one more so I can have an even number) - The pain isn't that bad - maybe you should consider getting an outline of something first rather than something colored in. - I also have 11 piercings -(10 in my ears and one belly-button) not too sure if I want another piercing though.

Some may say I have no more room - but my crazy brother just got two bars in the back of his neck - don't think I will go that far :o)

Lisa @ Serah's said...

What a coincidence! I just bought a new printer tonight. I can't wait to get it. I chuckled when you said you were dating the same guy with no cheating because I didn't know if you were confessing something I didn't know about you. ;)