Friday, March 6, 2009

Make Money Honey

This darling little hair tie is by Erama. Silver is very popular for hair accessories and Erama has a vast selection of silver hair ties. She has several colors and some have danglings such as one that I hearted in Etsy "Good Hair".

Some people joke that I hustle others products just as much as I do mine. I'm just trying to keep the dollars within the community, OK! So I also purchased Cheleski's - The Knotty Truth natural hair book. I'm so proud to own it! This book will make a great gift for your relaxed friends who you are trying to get to go natural, lol. Seriously! It's an all in one guide to natural. It even has color pictures and you just might recognize a few ladies from the natural hair forums.

Moving right along, I'm waiting on a hair tie from Naturally Sophia. I grabbed MHS. She's offering free s/h so please get one while the getting is good! You have to see her cowrie puff/ponytail holder.

I missed the meet-up in Charlotte. I won't talk about that other than to say this. Ladies if you cannot make your appointment, please call your trainee/consultant. Next time!

I will be attending the Raleigh Natural Hair Meet-Up, yes. It's hosted by Natasha. WOW. I know two locked goddesses named Natasha who are hostesses for us. This one is March 21st.

I am enjoying finding beads and discs. I believe everyone else is too. I appreciate all the blog love, kind words, purchases, photos, invites to meet-n-greets, and the emails. Thank you for being my friends in all the groups, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even MySpace. Those who send me African Safari gifts will get discounts, lol. Thank you for your understanding and patience as well. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, you know.

To be honest, it's not easy at all. Anything worth having is worth working for. Can I get a witness? I'll tell all about it one day.

People keep talking about the economy, but a lot of people are still purchasing. I guess instead of buying big ticket items, a little hair ornament adds more happiness and beauty to your day. I know I enjoy making them and most of all wearing them.

Delightful Swirl - high luster quartz
Fire J. - red jasper, quartz
Blush - high luster quartz


Cashana said...

See with so many ties to choose from it is making my head spin! Just kidding. I think it is great that you promote and help others. I need to order The Knotty Truth, because I have a book club member who stopped perming in 2007 and the week of our last book club meeting permed her hair again because she was frustrated with her hair and not being able to keep a style longer than a day. I was sadden by it, but understood. So off to spend money...

Naturally Sophia said...

Thanks for the love. Big warm cyber hug coming right up! I am revamping my site. Stay tuned. I'm adding jewelry.

cheleski said...

ah, thanks my knotty spesh! i need those earings, what i need to do?

Laquita said...

WoW beautiful hair ties - I love mine - I'm really going to have to get a bigger accessory box :o)