Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Out

I went to Raleigh past weekend and left the earrings. I think my forgetfulness boils down to I really don't like selling in person. I think I've talked about this before. I don't have a sells pitch other than showing somebody how to put it on. It's not like a $1000 vacuum cleaner with all sorts of attachments and filters. I was very disappointed myself.

I did get a book Wild Seed by Octavia Butler. I read the first 177 pages after I got home. The next night I completed the book. I found the writing style pretty much like everyone else but the story line was a bit freaky being that the protagonist could change shape, never died, healed people, and could sleep with all the men she could want.

My shop was closed for two days. It was nice not to wonder if I had an order. It's nice to know that the blue flashing star on my phone is nothing urgent. Then I opened it back up in the wee hours of Monday morning while most were sleeping. Within a few hours, a Half Baked Set and another item were sold.

I stopped playing all the games on Facebook. I was becoming a Fashion Wars, Sorority Life, Vampire Wars bully. I have been put on the hit list in FW so many times and I had only reached level 15 I think. I was beginning to get a little too involved. I was checking up on my posse and clan to see if they were up to par with what I had. When they had less, I was agitated because you are only as good as the members on your team. As you see, I had to quit.

Tuesday, I didn't even get on the computer. I played Sudoku all night at work instead of hopping around from groups to blogs.

And then I realized I hadn't posted to my own blog in a while. I will take some pictures of my hair. My locks turned a year old at the end of February.


Lisa @ Serah's said...

I think your stuff can sell itself. A checklist will help so that you don't forget. Congrats on your locks turning a year!

Meikmeika said...

Happy locversary!!! I agree with Lisa, your products sell themselves and require no pitch...

Carmennc said...

Thank you Serah and Meikmeika! I haven't been to my own blog since that post.

Laquita said...

lol@the FB games. I also agree with Lisa about the stuff selling itself :o)

BTW I also play Sudoku :o)