Thursday, February 19, 2009

Star Crochet Creations Earrings & Tomoka's Twist Give-Away

I found out about Star Crochet Creations - Lovenia's Esty boutique from the LockItUp yahoo group. Whenever someone posts a link anywhere, I'm there. If I've had a really good week on my own goodies, I'll buy.

I'm sorry. It's 6:40am and you know I work the long, late night shift. Usually, when I'm like this I cut it short with a few words of praise, pictures, and a link. Stay with me because this gets interesting!

I bought a few sets of these pink lucite beads for this TT in June and sold a hair tie, earrings, and bracelet set. Like to see it? Here it go!

That and other sets like it really didn't go over that well, so I stopped making them. What really stopped me from using the rest of these beads is that they are vintage lucite. And after looking at this set, I want those round beads back! I really should have kept these to myself.

I thought, maybe this was too gaudy, so I made a plain set that never sold. So, with business picking up I decided I'd try with the pink lucite beads again. The problem is that these beads are shaped differently and I wanted to make these grand earrings with them. A month has gone by since I made the TT. The second problem is, I can only make one set. I make one of kind sets and after lamenting over them and taking lots of pictures, I sell them. If I say a set is a one of a kind set, I didn't even make one for myself! Call it greed, but I want this pink TT, lol.

When I saw Lovenia's crochet earrings I knew I would never have to make the earrings! What a beautiful relief. I can make two TTs ~ one for me and one for you!

If you've read this far, thank you!

I think the TT will be a perfect match. Being the history behind these bead, you can tell I can't put a value on them. If you buy the earrings, let me know by using the name that you purchased them with, so I can send you this Tomoka's Twists. There's only enough beads for one to be given away, so the first person to holla wins! If you want to be incognito send your name to

OMG ~ Note how there is no facial hair. Laser hair removal really does work.

Enough of my sleepy jibber. Please stop by to get these earrings!

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Nubian1 said...

So pretty in PINK! Mmmmmwah!