Friday, February 20, 2009

Several Hair Ties & One Lonely Tomoka's Twists

Candy Coated
Pastry inspired - ceramic beads
Ultra glossy finish over painted wood, shells
Jasper II
Stones and shells
Reversible - wood

Candy Coated - I really stepped way out the box on the Twist with using multi-coloured beads. With this type of colors some will say love the beads, but ponder what kind of outfit do you wear this with. I'd put it on with a jeans and a white, grey, or black shirt. I don't wear that much purple but I have shirts of that blue.
I saw these beads about a year ago and was too hesitant to buy them, even though I really wanted them. Then when I saw M.I.A wearing crazy colors and then these Pastry Kick shoes by the Simmons ladies - I knew it was alright to get them.

Shebly - I remember seeing the shells before making hair ties and liking them because someone took the time to figure out that if they took four pieces of shell and glued them together then this bi-cone tube would be created. They're natural with a great shape. The next thing was what to pair them with, what will work. These discs are modern yet they have a feel from times before launguage existed and simple markings meant a lot.

Jasper II - It always amazes me that something naturally occurring can be turned into art. I wanted the focus on the stone so I used the ordinary horn bone with this hair tie. The stone has its own charactertic markings and I always wonder what was going on with the earth to leave light colors and lines here and there. I also wonder if the person pondered the same things when they cut the stone.

Woodie II - I couldn't find anymore of the Woodie pieces, so boo. While on my search for goodies these caught my eye. When a piece has one side that is painted/patterned, I always flip it over and wonder why the heck didn't they put the design on both sides. With these discs, I didn't think that. Reversible came to mind because they are not unfinished on the other side, they just don't have the pattern. I like to think of the pattern as an animal with bantu knots.

What do you see in these hair ties and the one loney twist?


Naturally Sophia said...

Shelby and Jasper are my style.

Quietspirit said...

I'm liking the Jasper II and the reversible wood.

Carmennc said...

Thank you ladies. I think Jasper II is becoming a favorite, my facebook friends pick that one too.

Moosiko said...

I just ordered the Jasper II. I can't wait to wear it.