Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hair Ties - I Did a Set This Go-Round

I've had a pretty rough two weeks with two orders. I had one that never reached the customer. I had delivery confirmation. The post master at the last stop said it was delivered. I don't have the fancy printing/shipping/postage system. I copy/paste the address from PayPal. That went to a dispute and I won.

Another customer did not have all the drop down options and the sets were some how the same prices of the Twists. The PayPal receipt was for Twists Only so that's what I sent. In the end she likes the products, but would have liked to received the earrings as a nice touch.

I do get hot about transactions like this. I keep it moving because I get compliments like this that keep me going. Thank you so much, Ev'e.

Hi Carmen,
It's Eve (socre8eve from twitter). I wore my twist to work today and received so many compliments :-). I just referred a couple co-workers to your site, so I hope you get a few sales from them. Best of Luck!!


Ev'e said...

awww...This is really touching. I'll send you a couple picts too and you have to keep it going..I need more twists. ;-)

Laquita said...

Sorry about the ordering problems...Those also look nice - I hope there are some left next week when I get my check - I think it's about time for some 'me' shopping :o)

Carmennc said...

LOL, Ev'e, I need to keep going cause it helps with the bills.

Laquita, I'm getting more in each day. I'm on a buying frenzy. I have some pretty colors for spring coming up.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you have combined the hairpipe w/the beads! Awesome! And that set is really beautiful!

CarmenNC said...

Hey Love' - Thank you so much. I'm having the devil of a time finding that wood piece, but I bought some that are similar to it.