Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tagged Again - Finally Completed

I have been tagged!!! I will finish this post so come back often until I've completed all the rules. Sorry to leave you hanging.

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Jewels, Etc
9th Hour Poet

1. I am a - that's important, nevermind. I think I have ADHD. If it requires more than 30 minutes of my time, I am about to die. I get an attitude with it. I know doing Sisterlocks take a long time to install. That's why I do as fast as possible. Plus, it makes me slow down

2. I want the beads up-top. Badly. I doubt I would ever make a twists out of these. I would take a class and learn how to make super special jewelry out of them. Look at them. That's earth yall. They are not painted, not glass, not clay. That came from the ground.

3. I came up with some more stuff to add. If you haven't been through the blog, then I write. For those of you who know this, it's not a new quirk or habit. My habit with writing is that I was a poster for erotic short-short stories on a blog. Before clicking the link these are adult stories. If such things offend you (same gender relationships, motorcycles, and fornification) please do not click. 2 Black Chicks & Peach

4. I retightened my hair over 3 days of the first week of this month. I shampooed my hair a week later. I had to retighten four and three are completely aloose. I'm not re-installing those three no more. I feel like I can't do my own hair. I've installed testers on hair that is way looser than mine. That young lady had her hair professionally styled. Her hair was shampooed, blow dried, and curled. The testers stayed in and I had a hard time taking them out to install her Sisterlocks. I feel like the Charlie Brown of Sisterlockers.

5. I do not like to drive. If it takes more than 30 minutes to get there, I will have a hissy fit. I'm in North Carolina. There are no subways and public transportation is very limited. I think the buses stop running at midnight.

6. I like to play Sudoku. I was going to buy a book, but that's limited games. Plus it's bulky, so I bought an unlimited game for my phone. I play it all the time too. I learned how to play it or was taught the basics - 1-9 in a square, 1-9 in a row, 1-9 in a column - and ran with it. I'm getting pretty good at it and have started solving the hard games without making a mistake.


Deidra said...

That is amazing!! and creepy-crazy at the same time. What kind of minerals created this...stone?? Are they brighter in real life?? If so, then you should be making something out of them.

CarmenNC said...

You are creeped out about everything. (People reading - she was creeped out about those purple beads for royal moor.)

Yes they are made out of stone for in huge rocks in the desert. People mine chunks of it out and then make beads out of them. Pretty.

HappilyNappilyNish said...

Those beads are beautiful. To answer your question I do write poetry quite often. Oh and don't mind those angry blog mobsters, some people just have way to much time and not enough brain power to figure out what to do with it all. Keep doing your thing !

9th Hr Poet said...

Ok -so I see you tagged me. It's not as challenging as I thought it would be at first; the major challenge is finding people who haven't been recently tagged...

*>Jewels<* said...

OMG...Me too!! I can't stand driving for more than 30 minutes either. It really messes with me. I'm glad it's not just me.

BTW, how does this tagging thing work? I've seen it taking place on many blogs, but have yet to participate. Fill a sista in.

CarmenNC said...

I have to psyche myself up to go to Charlotte or Raleigh both are over an hour away, but wonderful cities. Well worth the drive, if I can do at least 70mph and no traffic.