Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dee Doing it Up & Etsy

Dee makes me wish I had loose hair sometimes. Thank you for the pictures. You know I forgot the name of this one. LOL. Did it have a name or was it just the orange set?
Dee has been working behind the scenes for a good while now. She doesn't actually make stuff. Her job is to keep me grounded. I get hounded about when something new is coming out. What am I going to do about the website. Said, 'I told you so!' in a gentle voice when she actually told me so. She's the one that helps me think like Kimora, Martha, and Oprah. She keeps me up to date on what's hot in fashion accessories. Enough booty kissing.

I'm also transitioning things to etsy. Why let go of my beautiful, wonderful website? The contract expires in January and I'm not renewing it. WHY? WHY? WHY? I am a control freak. It hurts to have an item sold out and another person buy that item. I have to send out email explaining things. That's just not good for business. I've had to do that about three times. One time was once too many. If I decide to change one itty bitty bead from clear to silver - I want to change it now. I want to add descriptions and a bunch of stuff. I also want to increase my customer base while keeping the costs down by not having a grand, expensive website. Plus it was never the website that sold the products.
Ladies, let me know what you think.
The store has two products right now, lol. S. Luxurious and Royal (purple) hair sticks. A cute banner is being made. Most importantly, more products are on the way. There's a button to the right to click on to take you to my little etsy shop. What I have looked into is keeping the tomokastwists.com as an active name but it will be routed to the esty store in January. I know it's months from now, but it'll be New Years before you know it.


S0uthernGirl said...

I love Etsy. I go and ogle so many beautiful handmade things there. I've added you to my fave sellers :)

CarmenNC said...

Thank you so much s0utherngirl. There's so many cute items on Etsy. I get lost in that site.

*>Jewels<* said...

Congrats on your Etsy spot!! I'm sure it's gonna be HOT!

Deidra said...

It's the same set you have on your avatar pic in this window!! lol. Shameful you don't even remember the name of these lil diddys that you make. It's summer lol.

I am still not pleased with the pix I sent you, but if not now, it woulda been a year from now. That camera has too many features for a regular joe just wanting to take pix, I like my old Fuji better. Anyways, hurry up and make some new stuff and post the pix!!

CarmenNC said...

Jewels, so far the site is doing grand. The two items sold. I did relist one for two in stock.

Deidra, thank you and the pictures are a bit dark even after I used the raggedy photo fixer. I guess neither of us needs to open a photography shop. HAHAHA. You still look good. Summer. I knew it was Sunshine I gave that name to another one, I think. I'm getting old. Summer didn't sell. And lawd it is the same on I have on in the avatar. I made a twist for myself. Stop rushing me. I'll have a collection of Twiggies coming up TOMORROW. So take that, take that, take that.

Naturally KiKi said...

Hi! You have been tagged!!! See my blog for the rules.

CarmenNC said...

BOY oh BOY, Imma get you.

3girlsmomma said...
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3girlsmomma said...

Yeah, girl... do that Etsy thing! It's a perfectly appropriate targeted marketing move for you!

Love the banner... money well spent on that one!! E-me with how much that ran you. I like your person's work.

Carmen...now, you say I've been TAGGED by you! Boy oh boy... imma hafta get YOU now!!

I'll get to work on it AGAIN... (Thx really)

I've been TAGGED before.