Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Tired - Turquoise Nites

I don't know what the deal is with this blog compose, but my pictures aren't lined up correctly. So from the top. Turquoise Nites available only on Me in a Brunsli Hair Tie. Me in lock accessory. My client in a Thalia's lock accessory. She picked up the purple hair tie set and a blue twists that was for sale.

Hello ladies, I am tired. If you want to work every single day - start your own business, be your own boss. If I wasn't working I'd be watching tv. Today I tackled the weeds and dog poop in my wee little back yard. It looks so much better even though it's still not complete. Rome was not built in one day. Like my backyard is Rome. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY.

Then I ran my mouth for hours talking about stuff I can't remember now, but it was good conversation at the time. Must have been about haters and men.

I did finally take pictures of the hair sticks that will be called Twiggies. I even put them on the etsy page. Yes my friends - the hair sticks are for sale now.

I have a new hair tie as well called Turquoise Nites.

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