Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet MaryKay & The Teacher

Over the weekend I retightened two clients. The first client is about 1.75 hours away in Raleigh. She's a DIY and decided to treat herself to having me do it. Miss Teacher has almost all of the Tomoka's Twists. I thought she had opened up a little shop. She's my second client from the Triangle area. If I get one more, I might look into taking the trip to them.

Miss MaryKay sells Mary Kay so that will be her screen name. She's from I forgot and now lives right around the corner from me. She also works for the USPS so I'm going to see if she can get me one of those fancy label printers. LOL, that's not even happening.


Tonia said...

Your hair is beautiful! And so is the painting in your dining room!! May I ask where you found that?

Thanks for sharing all you do, I can't wait to get my package of goodies for Cassidy that I ordered from you! You are a talented beautiful lady :)

CarmenNC said...

Hello Tonia, the paintings are my mother's. Thank you for your order and the love. Give Cassidy a big hug for me.