Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogging Blahs - Sisterlock Special in Michigan

Have you ever been blogging, then get distracted by reading a thread in forum, then get a phone call from a friend to tell you to check out 'this mess' on the internet? Wait, in the process you have about 50 eleven tabs open on 50 eleven windows each? Wait, I'm not done. Then in the process of looking at the mess, your lover calls asking you to check his email. The dog is trying to tell you that she needs water. So you start opening the email, run down stairs to fill the water bowl, come back up stairs - and the blog you were originally looking at has dissappeared while you were leaving a message.

You'll find it later. You get home from work. Read through all the emails. Laugh, cry, get angry, laugh again. And BAM - that's right, you want to go to the blog from that morning. So you are clever and just start typing in the name of the blog. But all you can remember is the that word of the blog name and that it's a brown/tan page and that she has a brown salon chair. Then you think back, how did I find this person in the first place? Sitemeter! Why is sitemeter not working? Statcounter!

I found the blog! Now why is this blog worth all of that work and a post?

Because she's a Sisterlock trainee in Canton, Michigan who's offering specials on installs and retightenings. I remember a lady on LockItUp asking for a consultant/trainee near that area. Check her out at Rooted Truth.


Tawanna said...

lol! This is the reason my blogging never makes it to the net! I've got fifty billion tabs and programs open, fifty billion things going on at home(kids, dog, cleaning, husband, cooking etc) and lots of thoughts I want to blog. Then I question... should I blog this anyway??

CarmenNC said...

Yes, we are busy gotta do everything right now people. Some how we get it all done, if not, tomorrow is only a few hours away.