Monday, August 18, 2008

I Forgot What the Post Was About

A chat buddy reminded me of I used to crack up at most of the pictures, some of them I saw nothing wrong. Looka what I found on there. My newest boyfriends are violinists. It's like Jay-Z and Puffy with violins. Nuttin' But Strings OMG. A Puffy remix with Jay-Z rapping and the violins. Off to google everything on this group.
But wait I need to get a fix off of my other boyfriend. Boyd Tinsley of Dave Matthews Band is super sexy. I was going to post a few pictures of him, but I really don't want to share him. LOL. As if he is mine to share right. If I'm not mistaken I think he's married. He's got a body that can't wait and a smile almost as charming, wide, and blinding as Charlie Murphy's. Here's Crash Into Me which is sensual and goes right up there with Just You & Me, Crusing, and most Prince songs. This is a live version and Boyd has on an open leather vest. He is killing me softly.

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