Friday, August 15, 2008

Do I Do - Roll Out

I will be laid off from my job until Wednesday. I'm a little bit sad about missing my money since I cannot draw unemployment on my first roll out. Roll out is a nice way of saying - temporary lay off. Good Times.

Well, so what. I have a client coming tomorrow for a consultation. Another comes Monday for a consultation. Then Miss T comes Tuesday for a retightening.

Meanwhile, I got gas on my paypal debit/charge card. Why did they take out $125. It's still pending so I hope that's just a credit check to make sure they aren't getting robbed with a maxed out card. Let's hope. For the past few weeks somebody has been messing with my loot. One week I didn't get paid. Then another week they sent my live check in the mail instead of putting it in my hand. Sprint has been charging me $25 for text messaging when I have the simply everything plan that includes it - Since NOVEMBER. I got credited for that though. I'm sick of waking up Monday bright and early to correct mistakes about my money. Whole weekend be messed up until Lover comes.

On the way to the post office I heard one of my all time favorite jams. Not the new Jockin Jay-Z, but Stevie Wonder's Do I Do.

Now it would be a great pleasure to share the live Do I Do. BUT. Did you know that Stevie can play the drums?

5 days off and I gotta work.


Moosiko said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on right now. Don't let it stifle your gift of creativity. Keep workin' that gift because it seems to be leading you to better times.

CarmenNC said...

It does. I can't ponder too long on negative things. I really don't have the time. Plus there are too many puppies and men to ponder about.