Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Are My Friend

I've been really horrible at keeping in contact with my peoples. I had a good friend to call me today and I was in the process of finding out that a Mazda is an extra special car when it comes to doing minor things. I was at AutoZone and usually they put headlights in, but my passenger side light is tricky. The washer fluid is right behind the light. So the whole container has to come out first.

She's telling me that she has health problem and there's this old man telling me it might be a fuse. The cashier is trying to find the part in the computer and wondering why it says 8 are in stock, but there's only 4. I need just one, ring it up.

It's 500 degrees out, I'm hot, gotta run to the post office, hungry, need to deposit a check. The cop came knocking at 4:45am to tell me my trunk was open. Close it and leave, thank you. Ciara all amped up over my trunk being open. Neither one of could sleep. I meant to get the bottled water out and got busy doing something else. It's my first day as a true employee at the job and I can't be late. I gotta leave there and run over to Precision Tune. Mister Old Man is starting to look like a short, skinny Al Sharpton. Is your hair really honey blond with curls like Terrence in Hustle & Flow? I had to think about Terrence Trent D'arby and how tight his pants were in that video, like those boxer briefs - black spandex boxer briefs, the long ones and the muscles in his buttocks in the bathroom brushing his teeth to block this old man with his honey blond curls. Debit.

My buddy is telling me about a granola recipe and I'm worried about getting stopped leaving work cause my headlight is out. Olive oil and granola don't sound right, what happened to peanut oil or just some regular vegetable oil. Olive oil? I love you to pieces, but I'm thinking about how I didn't get paid Friday and I haven't gotten a call back from the people yet. The temp service has no power cause a truck ran into a pole and they thought I started on the 6th or whatever. I haven't gotten a call back about my front porch post leaning like the Tower of Pisa either. Somebody has time to cook granola. I got taxes to pay and my friend is asking me about my hair. Yes, I'm going to somebody closer, right there by my gig. I do feel like I'm cheating on your. I apologize. Then there comes the phrase that I keep hearing, I always seem to catch you at a bad time, you are busy. I can see Lover's smile and feel Ciara's fur. Happy place, Ciara's fur, Lover's smile. Group hug.

I always answer my phone. If I don't then I'm probably at work actually working or having sex, about to have sex, or just finished having sex. Neighbor, you knew Lover was over and came in with spirits. Don't be key, key, keying and apologizing and grinning hard cause I didn't answer the door. He was not parked in your spot. Stop the madness. You know his car.

Dee, you know I ain't got all the answers. And thank you for making me laugh when the stuff behind the scences makes me want to shut the whole site down and practice skipping beads on a lake.

My parents, my sister I love you until the end of time. I know I call with some outlandish mess. I'm crazy, but it's hard out here for a chick. Root little pig or die. Papa may have, Mama may have, but God bless the child that's got her own. I'm trying to keep from moving in with y'all. Sister, when was the last time that you heard me say, Sister, my sister I love you. I think it was Saturday.

I made it home! Safe. The only thing I forgot was my resume which was all good because the lady wasn't at work. The only thing I have to do tomorrow is wait for a response to an email, read and respond to an email, get my resume, and check on my money, and work. Easy day.

Anyways, the best time to catch me is from 1:30am until 5:30am. Well, actually, that's my YouTube time.

I watched a few Patti Labelle videos of her singing You Are My Friend. I wanted a really special dedication, not something for y'all to laugh at. But, Patti as usual took it way, way there. All the way out there over the rainbow, put the pot of gold in her cleavage, and the spun all over the leprechaun's lucky charms. Why did you have to do all of that Patti?

I picked Faith Evans. I have always like the 'la la la' part of this song. I wish I could sing.

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