Sunday, July 20, 2008

Number Runners

A new member of the LockItUp group expressed that she was disappointed because only 78 locks were installed. I feel really sorry for her. I was not satistified with my first set, I understand her pain. I have to ponder if Sisterlocks are for her. 78 said her hair is thin. How thin is it? I need pictures. 78 even went to was certified Consultant. So what went wrong? Another member suggested that 78 may have step Sisterlocks, which upset her. Leading me to think 78 is probably highly ticked off by anything Sisterlocks. Good luck to you 78 and I hope you get to the bottom of your low number and will be able to sport natural hair in the near future.

This leads me to my own hair. I had them installed by a seasoned consultant. The set was all crooked and crazy. The set was lovely, but was taken down. I installed the front, Connie did the back. Now with life as it is - working 10 hours 4 days a week and sometimes 5 days, a dog, Lover, Tomoka's Twists, Sisterlocks - I cannot afford alot of locks to be on my head. I don't have enough time or patience for 400 locks on my head. I have the least amount of rows/columns possible. Some of them had to be redone even bigger because the slippage was crazy at the nape. In the end, I have about 250 locks.

What does 250 Sisterlocks look like? Now, remember I am the odd woman out. I have absolutely the worse type of hair for Sisterlocks. It's silky, stubborn, and loose. So, don't try this at home. Mine are perfect for me. If your consultant tries to usher you out the door with 250 Sisterlocks, um divide the price by 400 locks, then multiply that by the number of locks you have and pay that much. At some point count your locks before it's done. Count, the part from ear to center part. The other side is going to be that amount. And the back is going to be maybe three times that amount. So if you have 50 locks in that ear to center part area - you'll end up with about 250 locks. If you have 100 in that section then you'll end up with about 500 locks.

And my co-worker was so kind to paint my nails for me. They were comparible to Ciara's claws before the make-over.

Five months

Back to Terrence Trent D'Arby. Yes I have a fixation on him now. Sorry. I really like this video of Wishing Well. It's something about his skinny that does it for me. And the whole microphone dance won me over too. I've been told by many ladies that I won't have to worry about them stealing any man I date. Lover is not this thin, nor is he light, but he has a few quirky characteristics about him, not this feminine though. Look at how wide his mouth is and his lips curl. Slowly...Softly.

Here's an older video when he had braids - they look like Sisterlocks???


S0uthernGirl said...

You did not say that your nails looked like Ciara's. That's why I love your blog, because I never know what you're going to say next LOL.

I've heard of people having problems... but 78 locks? Either she was duped into thinking that she was getting SLs or maybe she has major bald spots that the consultant had to make adjustments for.

CarmenNC said...

I really feel sorry for her. I don't think that she'll come back to the board. I can understand having salt poured into a wound after spending a lot of money, trusting somebody, and then being told you have step-sisterlocks. I should send her an email.

On Ciara's nails, she had them professionally cut - $8. I haven't had mine done in ages. She kept pulling her paws away from me and acting like she was going to pass out.

I just get my toes done from time to time. It's hard keeping my nails done when I'm testing facial clothes. So I'm very thankful to my co-worker for helping me out. My nails had gotten pretty long, but started breaking. He seemed very concerned since his part-time job is doing nails.

anthia-ofo said...

Hmm you now have 250 sisterlocks. Are they still considered sls? My friend had 281 and she was very disappointed and took them down. Yes, I felt for 78 as well. I can't imagine how 78 sls was possible unless she had some major scalp/hairloss issues and sincerely hope she hasn't been duped. B4 I got sls I was considering twist locs. It was 400 sls or 200 twist-locs. I ended up with 380 sls.

Carmen said...

I have some locks that are Sisterlocks and some that are too big to be Sisterlocks. So I have 1/2 Sisterlocks. I concider them to be Sisterlocks because they were done that way. What I have is a very tailored set of locks based on my lifestyle.

Jessica said...

That's too bad for her. I have only 300 locks and had extremely thick/ dense hair. Blenna installed my locks so I'm not sure what happened. I've considered re-doing them too...

CarmenNC said...

Jessica, Blenna taught me. When somebody has super thick hair you do not want to install a lot of locks because it makes it look even bigger. It will be like an afro. Someone with thin hair needs a lot of small locks to create a fuller look. My buddy Connie who has thinner hair was installed by Blenna and she has a lot more locks.

Call her and ask why such a low number.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the encouragement Carmen. I asked her and she told me it was because I had a peanut head :). I just wait patiently for them to thicken up. Maybe I'll pull them up today with a TT :)

anthia-ofo said...

Actually, now that I think of it, you must still have sls bc it's the parting and technique that count, not the number of locs even though sls are known for large numbers of locs right? Some People may need to adjust things slightly to suit their needs like you've done.