Saturday, July 19, 2008

Me & My YouTube

Well, since I have a super duper fast computer and an aircard, I've been on YouTube like crazy. See, before when my friends would share a video it would was painful to watch. I would get like 5 seconds of the video, it would have to load, 5 more seconds, load.... As a matter of fact everything was difficult and I would have to remind people, "Hold on, you know my Commodor is slow." "You're trying to blow up my TI?" "You know the Commodor has limits." "I can't watch the video and chat." "I only have two programs open!" "It can't do both, it's either or matters here." "Call me then, this is stressful to the TI."

Well, I really don't know why I was on Terrence Trent D'arby. I hadn't heard his songs in a minute. Oh, I heard a Prince song and thought about TTD. Well, after googling I found that his name is actually Terrence Howard and is now Sananda Maitreya and that he was once blond. So, then I went to D'angelo and found J'sun singing one How Does It Feel. J'sun has a wonderful voice.

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