Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thank You Raleigh Ladies - I Got Tagged

I have to give a BIG UP to the ladies of Raleigh's group. Thank you Natasha for organizing the meetup. I really appreciate the support. Next time I will be prepared! I'm looking right now for pink and 'R's and 'O's. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

This is my second time getting tagged. Lakia tagged me. I am to tell six things to tell about myself.
1. I'm shy believe it or not.

2. I like slim men. I think I might have said this in the last one. My newest men are K. C. Collins and Delroy Lindo. Delroy is not slim, but he sure is sexy. And I also like Lou Rawls. Hush right.

3. Sometimes when Ciara darts out of the house. I secretly wish that she finds a nice family with children and a great big yard. Then when she's gone too long, I start getting nervous and pray she hasn't gotten hit or ran away. And just like clockwork she comes trotting up from the right side of the neighborhood, up the sidewalk, and comes on into the house.

4. I do not like purple. I swear when I had to search for the purple, I was mad. After I got the beads I did admire them alot. But would have passed out if they were blue.

5. I like Led Zeppelin (Kasmir and Fool in the Rain), Fleetwood Mack (You Make Loving Fun), Aerosmith all songs just about, Steely Dan's (Peg), and the just about anything from the Doobie Brothers, Rolling Stones, and Hall & Oates. I wanted to put Rich Girl in the mix, but they do cuzz a little and I hear this song on the radio often. I wanted to put Black Water but then there's that 'play that dixieland' at the end. I like that song. My favorite music is rap though.

6. I think I covet my things. Or I'm very careful with them. I just spent about an hour trying to find my Slip and Slide scissors. I've had them since maybe 2000. They are yarn scissors and they fold into the cutest little thing. I can't find it anywhere. They have become my Sisterlock scissors. They fit into the little box that I keep my SL tools in and I'll be dayumed if I can't find them. I'm like this with my underware too. Omg if I can't find the drawls to my bra I'll have a fit. I mourn stuff like this. It's just stuff. Stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

You are too funny!! You shy? I would never in a million years think that. I can totally feel you on #6.

CarmenNC said...

It's Monday and I'm still stuck on my Scissors. I do better one on one with people. Groups, I like to slink into the couch or my own corner. There's always on in the meet and greets that really has a strong personality and they end up selling the products. I can sit back and sorta be entertained. I will get up in front of everyone.