Monday, February 4, 2008

I Received a Tip

The bottom two rows by my ear were not done by me. Them others were.

I had a client come for a retightening and she gave me a tip. How cool is that! And guess what. It only took me two hours to retighten, granted she doesn't have 10,000 locks, not even 400. I'm used to ladies with 500 locks. She said the lady she WAS going to took about three hours. So I'm amped.

Problem, I wasn't able to send off TTs today because I can't cut the bubble wrap because my Slip-n-Snip scissors are gone. I did go to the $1 store. They had all sorts of scissors, but then when I thought about doing shows, sanitizing them, and carrying them around in my pocket - I need my S-n-S scissors.


Amba said...

Wow Tomoka!! Congrats on beginning a self-install. The only other person I've known of to do that is the great Dr. Cornwell herself. I'm watching....God bless.

CarmenNC said...

I'm going to stay on this. I really need my hair one way or the other. No - I just need my Sisterlocks back. Thank you for the encouragement.

muslimahlocs said...

what size are you going for? looks good!
blenna always installed her own locks.

CarmenNC said...

hello muslimahlocs, thank you and i'm going for large when i do the parts. i know they look skinny. my hair is uneven from me cutting some of my locks during the take down - so the locks look really thin. but in due time they will be lovely.

muslimahlocs said...

i am certain that they will be quite lovely. i thought that you were going for the larger size but i thought i would ask first.