Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goldie Locks and Smooth

I was going to name it Gold V8 after the Silver V8, but Goldie Locks was way too easy.
Smooth, I've done brown/cream swirls in different beads. The thing is with handmade beads, one day the person stops making them and does something different. So these are a bit like Coffee, Moca, and Honey, but have a deeper brown hue. Toffee was a thought but too close to Coffee. When I couldn't think of a name that I would remember I came up with a friend's nickname, Smooth.


QueenLi said...

Thanks pretty... or as I say,
nice, Very Nice!
maybe I'll get one, when a "good" tax-refund comes in.. :)

Take care~

CarmenNC said...

lol, queenli. i need to file my taxes. do come back by and drop that cool million on a few. lol. are we still supposed to get that extra money the people are talking about?

QueenLi said...

I hope we get that money! A friend is thinking about making a store for her hats! Stay tunned for the website coming soon! :)

Lakia said...

I got tagged, so now I am tagging you. Check out my blog at

Meikmeika said...