Thursday, July 12, 2007

Magic Hair

The always beautiful Blackrussian replied to a previous post: Incredible cuteness! Glad you came back with the pics. Are you really attached to your curls? Right now I feel like I don't ever want mine to go away completely. Maybe as time goes on I'll feel differently, but I've had curly hair all my life and I've always loved it.

Simple answer - no. They are attached to me. If they decide to pack up and lock, I'm cool with that.

When I decided to lock I had my hair care regimine down to a science. My hair was at its peak. And when it reaches that climax it gets boring. So boring I was going to relax it or flat iron it each week. If I did relaxing I'd never see my natural hair pattern in its glory. I didn't think that was fair to me or my hair. Then flat ironing it every week would have lead to burnt out damaged hair. I wasn't about to do that to my hair. Either way I would loose my natural curl pattern.

With locking I just knew the curls/clumps/waves would be gone with locks. I pondered over the idea for a while and decided that my loose natural hair was too much to care for. The detangling was awful.

What I am attached to is BIG HAIR. I don't like hair that hangs straight down. It has to have some angle and volume. Even when I was relaxed I didn't like my hair to be straight. I would have to have body curls or Shirley Temple curls. Looking at my most recent pics I really don't like my hair in those. As the week goes on my hair shrinks and becomes fuller. That's when I like it the most. I'm sure the curls at the ends help with giving my hair more volume. If my hair gets close to being this big again, I'll be happy.

To get my hair to do what it's doing in the pics above, I had to condition my hair every day, every single day and then put some Jamican Mango Lime Cream Lock Gel on it. Otherwise it would look like this bottom pic. Not that that isn't pretty, but having it out like that is very drying and damaging. With the locks the ends stay curly day in and day out. At first I thought they would all bunch together and become an afro halo at the end of tiny sticks, but they don't even frizz. It's like magic.


blackrussian said...

Thanks for making a whole post to answer my question. I understand completely, although I know I have more ambivalence and less certainty about some parts of the locking process.

I've actually written a whole post about my curls and how I miss the look, but not the maintenance. It is still in draft limbo. I should finish it and link it to this one.

You're right! It's awesome how my curls never frizz now that I have SLs. Even when I wore twists, they used to flatten out over time and it was difficult to bring them back to life without creating an afro-pouf. That's what I said, pouf, not a typo.

Carmen In NC said...

I sent you an email.

Naturally Sophia said...

Carmen in NC- You look so adorable with the curls and the poof. I miss my poof, frizz, and curls too. I di the conditioner/no-shampoo thin everyday with Cholesteral. And I used Motions foam wrap lotions to help de-frizz. i miss my poof, curls, and curly fro. But I don't miss the maintenance. I love rolling out the bed. Good Post.

Mel said...

Cool post Carmen! Your curly hair is cute and I can see that it must have taken a lot to maintain it. I never had big hair, but I am hoping that as my SL's mature I'll get some more volume...

Lola Gets said...

I wear my hair naturally and loose. I love the curls and the poofiness! BUT, I too hate the maintenence! And I cant stand the detangling! Grrrrrr! to keep my hair from tangling too much, if I happen to be wearing it loose, I wash it twice a week. My hairdresser says thats too much, what do you ladies think?

I used to do the whole rinse/conditioner thing everyday, but I found that that didnt work well for me - too tangling.

Perhaps, one of these days, Ill get locs. I think Im liking the SisterLocs thing, becuase it looks as if I dont have to cut my hair to start them! One drawback though, the cost! But, perhaps, in the future.


Carmen In NC said...

Thanks for compliments ladies.

Blackrussian, post your ideas. I would love to read your take on curls.

Sophia, it is bitter/sweet when going from one stage of hair to the next. But my goodness, all I have to do is run my fingers through my hair three times and it's done.

Mel, thanks for the compliment. Your hair IS getting big.

Lola, have you thought about Nappylocs or braidlocs? If you're using shampoo then twice a week is a lot even if your scalp is oily. Less shampoo seems to be more with natural hair.

n'Drea said...

Well now, curlylocks, I love hair with volume, pouf, whatever you wanna call it. Looking sassy. Gwaan wid yu bad self.

Ebony said...

I'm addicted big hair too! I thought I was the only one. I just loved my big Angela Davis looking afro and I rocked it too! I'm starting to see a little more volume with my hair and I'm happy about that.

Great post.

muslimahlocs said...

your hair looked great. and of course, it still does.