Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gel - Taliah Waajid's Lock It Up

Taliah Waajid who I've been calling Talib Kweli makes Black Earth Products. Ayana uses Lock It Up on my roots while she twists. I never asked her why she uses gel. I knew why and didn't want to confirm the reason. But due to the responses of the previous post, I did some research on this taboo technique.

From the sample pack of Lock It Up that she gave me.

This light, alcohol-free, non-greasy formula has herbal ingredients that enhance the natural curl or chemical free hair. That makes it easier to start and/or maintain locks. Gives a great alternative to bees wax or other products which can build up and weigh the hair down. Excellent for retouching the roots of locked hair during lock grooming. Lock It Up holds firmly without flaking.


My hair won't lock and needs some magic potion of juices and berries to make it hold. I don't have to worry about it leaving my locks looking white and nasty.


brunsli said...

Hmmm, I feel bad for consultants now and then. They are stuck in between the SL Rules and doing what you need for your hair.

One told me she prefers the NL tool, but doens't use it because she doesn't want people reporting her to the SL Police.

Anyway, as long as the gel is not giving you any ill effects, why not?

Your pre-SL hair was so cute! Curls, curls, curls! No wonder your locks are so cute too!

Carmen In NC said...

Thank you Brunsli for the compliment. I'm blogging again!

I appreciate my consultant for adapting techniques to my hair. She's pulling from her experiences as a loctitian and a SL consultant. If I followed the rules exactly, I'd probably still have unraveling issues.

So far I haven't had any problems with the gel. I think this is the third time she's used it. She's using just enough to moisten the root. It doesn't itch, flake, crawl, or build-up.

blackrussian said...

Awesome! I also have a consultant who was willing to bend some of the rules for me and my locks, and I will never speak in detail of the things she did (or didn't do) in the public forum because I don't want her to have any backlash down the road...Some people are SERIOUS about the guidelines and don't mind (like) making trouble for others of us who are more free-thinking.

I am most grateful to her for listening to me when I told her about my hair and then applying her knowledge of locks and Sisterlocks to give me what I consider a perfect set.

I am very happy for you. I am glad you found a loctitian who had the knowledge and expertise to create the locks you are supposed to have.

I think if consultants would share - felt comfortable sharing - modifications and info about products and techniques they learned along the way it could only help the movement.

Ah the mean time I guess we just have to be glad that we got ours.

Carmen In NC said...

Well said Blackrussian - - you'll have mail again. HAHAHA!

KLEE said...

I love the Taliah Waajid's products. They are really good products. Your hair is so cute. I love the springy curls. Just cute, cute, cute. Keep posting, I can't wait to see the locks in the end. Check out my blog,

Ro~ said...

WhatEVER!!!! :o( I say if it works, let it Be! Your hair still lookin' good, so POO POO on those AR, hardpressed SLockers!! (I still wuv yall dough!!) :o)

Carmen In NC said...

KLee thanks for stopping by and thanks for the compliment too.

Ro, you are something else.