Thursday, June 7, 2007

Home Schooling

What does Carmen do when she's not Carmen? I try to give good advice and say a kind word or something funny. Every once and a while, I get to do something so simple but it means a great deal to me and to the other person. I was contacted by science and math tutor Gary Booker of The Granville T. Woods Learning Exchange to read a lesson. Mr. Booker also creates lesson plans for the African and Black youth. Check me out getting my edumacation on.

So the lady - the computer doll - was getting a little distracting to me - so I visiting bloggers were probably feeling the same way. I wish she was silent and then you press a play button. But she was talking before the page came up good. She was such a cute puter doll too.

Please take the time to see the response. This young lady is detailed. I really got a kick out of it. And yes I did get misty eyed.


blackrussian said...


Does he hold auditions? I've done radio before...

That's my another one of my secret ambitions. Voice of a big-haired avatar, you ask?

No, I'd LOVE to do voiceovers for commercials, though. How does a person get into that? Seems like one would need an agent and such. Anyway...

Carmen, was it fun?

Kim said...

Hey Carmen you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.