Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Get It Tight IV - Cadillacs and D's

I like the shape of the Eldorado's the best. Plus, I've never been comfortable driving long cars and SUVs. And if ever I decide to get one. Why shouldn't I have another car? Mine is 7 years old and I need another car. Her name will be Casandra the Cadillac. I think those are Dayton's on this one's feet. If I'm rich enough Casandra will have Daytons.

Am I country? Yeah. Why do I like pimp mobiles? Cause they're fly. You need a car in the south so why not make it hot. Why not get a new car? What's the fun in that? It's not customized enough. It's a project and hobby. And a means to get from point a to point b. Plus pimped hoopties make me giggle and wanna put on a tight t-shirt, booty shorts, and red pumps.
My 3rd month was June 3rd and I had my fourth re-tightening today. I didn't post pics cause not much has changed.


brunsli said...

Great post!

I love cars too, especially cars with style. My little car is 16 now. :)

Go get yourself a Caddy one day!

Mel said...

Cool cars!