Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crown Victoria - Villianne Blue

Meet the Blue Crown Victoria. Her name hasn't been decided. She might turn out to be a guy. I could call her Vicky Veil, Victoria, Villianne, Vivica, Vivian, Veronica and the rest of her name will be Love Blue or Blue Love. Villianne Blue. She's an 88 Crown Victoria. Her problem is that she needs a power steering belt, some anit-freeze, and an oil change for good measure. My neighbors were all out so I couldn't take the red pumps and booty shorts pictures on the hood.
Villianne has a simple beauty right now. She has all her parts. What she needs is a bath and a really nice pair of shoes. Her factory rims are a size 15. I think maybe a modest 18 or 20 will be perfect for her.


Bygbaby said...

Sounds like you re ready to pimp your ride!

Looks like you new girl is in good condition.

With a diamond in the back & a sunroof top, peace.


Carmen In NC said...

I'm ready to pimp her hard too. LOL. I felt so bad about neglecting my old ride Mazda 626 2000. But Villianne is a V8 and a 5.0 engine while Girl 6 had 4 whatevers and I didn't care to find out what her engine was. And you know I was singing that song too.

SistaLocd said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog an showing love. After reading some of your posts I see that we have a few things in common especailly when it comes to cars and men. However I married the opposite and as for my car it isn't tricked out as I would want it to be but there's nothing wrong with dreaming. I have an 87 Chevy Capriec (Box) V8 with a 305 Engine. Of coarse it has dark boys however it is missing some nice feet and some thump in the trunk but I'm working on it. I love driving that car ( I get a lot of atteention) cause most people don't expect a female to be driving a car like that. Amyhow can't wait to see you hook your ride up. By the way your locks look great!

Carmen In NC said...

Thanks for coming to see me. HAHAHA. I wanted a Chevy Capri. Well, let's put it like this, I wanted every car I saw. Who knows, maybe I'll get one of those one day. Thank you for the compliment.