Saturday, May 19, 2007

Laser Hair Removal, Fake Plants & Cow Roping

After getting my laser hair removal for my face and chest hairs I went to Garden Ridge and Home Depot. I got a push broom and some hideously bright plants. I had roaster cones/ice cream cones last year and I think two may come back. Hell, I'm tired of buying plants so I got some fake ones to put in the pots. I do have two begonias that came back in the front yard = yippy.

The lady zapped my upper lip. Talk about hurt but her technique was good that it didn't last long after the zap. I haven't had my lip done since the first session. Today was my fifth time and I have four more sessions. The next one is August 8th. I love being smooth. I go to Ideal Image which are everywhere. The package includes full face, neck, and breast bone for 9 sessions. Does it work. Yes. I would never gotten a digital camera if I was still looking like Wolfman Jack.

I think I'll practice my cow roping on Ciara.


muslimahlocs said...

i've thought about laser hair removal. on a scale of 1 to 10 how painful was it? how does the pain level compair to waxing?

alos, i posted a response to your question on my blog. the classes are free.

Carmen In NC said...

Laser - 7 and Waxing - 8

The pain level is less than waxing. My upper lip hurt because I haven't had it done since September. Waxing hurts like the devil and itches - but it only takes two applications of the wax. The laser takes about seven zaps to cover the upper lip. The pain is goes away quickly with the technique of rubbing the area with a wetwipe. My cleavage never hurts but my neck and sideburns hurt. I experience swelling, redness, maybe one or two pores will bleed, and itching with waxing, but not with the laser.

Ms Stella said...

I tried laser hair removal once at a dermatologist's office about 3 years ago and on a scale of 1 to 10, it was off the scale painful! I blistered and burned. It was my chin area.

My understanding is that the laser is attracted to the darker pigment of the hair and since I have a dark brown complexion, I think the laser was on overload!

I left there convinced that laser hair removal was not for women of color. I'm glad you sisters had a better experience.

Carmen In NC said...

Ms. Stella I'm so sorry that you had a horrible experience. I heard a white lady say the same thing about her experience. She was trying to get blond hairs lasered and they cranked up the juice way too high on her. Yes the laser seeks out darkness so having a high skin/hair color difference is the best for treatment. The laser they are using is a gentle yak.

Laser Hair Removal Chicago said...

Hi carmen & everyone. I just had laser hair removal done on my nose and upper lip and i am so surprised that even the black heads have disappeared from my nose. I had dark spots on my nose, maybe from the ingrowth of hair. My nose used to look 2 shades darker from the rest of my face and i had a lot of hair on my upper lip too. I was quite tired of tweezing every 3 days. I am an air hostess and when i am travelling, i get no time to go to a salon and get my upperlip waxed or threaded. So laser was the best option for me. I got laser hair removal done in india. I am a 25 years old indian woman and due to the dark color of my hair, i really needed to get a laser hair removal done. As you know, indians have jet black hair that are very thick in texture. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to keep waxing them.

The pain i experienced was not much. I felt some burning and tingling and very hot on my nose and upper lip.The nose was red for a few days and i looked like rudolph. After the redness went away, my nose got back to normal.Laser hair removal actually worked in just one sitting for me and if i see some hair growing back again, i will surely go and get it done again. I know that just once is not enough, so i am mentally prepared to go again incase my nose hair spring back up. The hair are more than 70% gone and i am very very satisfied. The strange part is the black spots disappearing. I didn't know that this would happen. It was like paying for one thing and getting the other thing free.

conradmoore said...

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