Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sexual Harassment

Some people would scream sexual harassment at my job and they would have to close the entire plant down. Let's see I've been hugged. I've seen a male apendage. I've seen an outline of a member. I've been brushed up against intentionally. And I'm sure that if I was married I would have experienced much, much more.

Tonight I asked a dear co-worker if he ever gets sleepy. Sometimes, but if he does he has this plan that helps him wake up. I'm all ears now. The plan is you take off a piece of clothes until you wake up. And if I got to the point that I take my shirt off to come into the plant and get him so he can tell me the next step.

All my bills $1,238,467.99
All my luxuries $34,983.99
Silly men at my job $0.10 per Dozen

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