Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I work Monday through Friday 6am-3pm - most days. I'm at work now at 4:23am suffering. I want to go home and I am sleepy. So far I have done much more work than I should be doing. But oh well, I did come here to work. I wanna take a nap so badly that I can taste it. I already turned the heat up to 75F and the lights off. I just can't get comfortable enough. I'm leaving at 6:05am on the dot. I have one more night of third shift and then I'll be off until the next Monday.

We have new lady coming to the lab that Monday I return. If I haven't mentioned before I'm seeing a therapist for work related stress. I've been seeing him since early November. I used to go every week, now I go just once a month. He says to do the best I can with they give me in 40 hours I work each week. If I can't meet a deadline - tell them in advance so others can respond. If I want to do overtime then that's on me. Since the new lady can't fly solo - I'm be back to doing Monday - Saturday. Who doesn't need more money? I'm giving it four weeks and then she should be able to hold down the shift by herself.

In order to have two days off one person works M-F and the second person works Tuesday - Saturday. I picked T-S. Why? Because I do not like Mondays. Any week day is the hard. Mondays are the days we have the most work too. Saturdays - hardly any production lines are running and very few products to check. That means I only have to see the office monsters for four days. 4:50am. This has been the longest hour. I did have one product to check too.


cheleskilove said...

i was at my worst in the lab. the people were antisocial and territorial and if you were a social, fun lovin person,you were wierd. I took my masters of physiology and went into pharma sales. not a eutopia-but i'm a happier person

dreamangel75 said...

Woah! That is really early! I can understand why you were so tired. Hopefully, you are catching up on the Zzzzs.

Carmen In NC said...

Cheleskilove, I have a plan in action. Slowly, but surely I'm gonna get out of this lab. I'm learning up on health inspectors and just became a Certified Food Safety Professional. And then there's my BOOK.

Dreamangel75, I got home and crashed. And I didn't leave until 6:45 - an extra 40 minutes over what I said.

cheleskilove said...

ohhh, ive been working on my forever book. what's your topic?

im glad you have a plan. it's a shame that the worplace is so hypocritical.

last year a coworker of mine passed out from being drunk the previous night of a mtg. but she passed out at the mtg the next morning-in the boss' bed! guess what? i became the enemy because i demanded action from the boss. guess what? shes' still in the group. i went on record as not appreciating becoming an ;accessory' bla bla bla. boss ended talking about the nerve of ME to demand action from HIM.you're not alone on the crazies at work. the expectations of us are SO high...while they have no expectations only priviledge.