Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nappy-Headed - You Know

This might just be the most offensive look at Imus' remarks, but I have something to say too.

Ludacris has a song Pros in Different Area Codes. He uses 'pros' for the radio but we know the original version. He probably does have pros in different area codes because pros do exist. Now if Ludacris and I would have had sex for the exchange of money and he said he had pros in the 336 - I would have been mad. Why? Because I would feel like he was specifically talking about me. And even though I practiced pro like activities with him, he still shouldn't call me a one. Don't make a whole song about pros - it's just not right. If you're going to practice this behavior then keep it personal and private, but tell that to the prostitutes that walk the street. It's something that shouldn't be glorified but tell Super Head that. Being a loose woman and talking about them sells because its about sex.

People want to talk about Imus and rappers using the word. First off, there might be some of these type women on the Rutgers team just the same way there might be some virgin team members. I don't know. What I do know is Imus shouldn't have called the ladies that because he doesn't know if them at all. Secondly, these rappers who are talking about loose women aren't grouping all black women as that - they are specifically talking to those type women who might just be black. "Black men should stop calling our women that." Like I said - they ain't calling all black women that. But if the shoe fits, then the woman is going to get it in her size and do the -you know - stroll proudly.

I want to say that maybe just maybe if women would stop being loose and glorifying it, maybe people would stop using the term. But recently it's become ok to be a promiscuous. Look at Super Head on Oprah with a best selling book. Nas's baby mama who had sex with Jay-Z has a book out. Nelly Furtado after losing to Alecia Keys came back out with Promiscuous Girl and made sure Timberland was in the video to give her street credit of being a - well you know. Then the biggest ho movie - Indecent Proposal. One of the gyms here just got pole dancing so you can dance like stripper and burn calories. And back in the day women made it a point to get up and dance when the club played "There's Some Hs in This House'. MONEY and SEX go hand in hand.

What I'm trying to say is women need to stop having prostitute like tendencies. We need to stop giving it up too fast and too often. And no matter how simple men can be with needing sex - we should not have sex for money. No matter how easy it can be and for how much money - wrong is wrong.

People blame the media. I blame sorry parents. My parents both taught school. My sister and I heard racial slurs from them, from George Jefferson, and Sanford and Son. My father cussed like a sailor too. But somehow - maybe fear of having short-lived lives because the first commandment for us was - honor your mother and father so that your days will be long upon the earth. One communion day they read all ten commandments and that one seemed to stick. So, somehow - maybe through saying the ill-fated words and getting whooped or being told not to say certain things outside the house - we knew not to say these words. We were taught that cussing was not lady like and saying racial slurs was just mean.

Nappy-headed - Eventhough I have called my own hair nappy lovingly and out of hate, I don't say it in public. It's a negative term point blank. I don't want other people getting hold of it and parading it around like folks do when they learn new slang. I don't care how many times I see it and even though there are many so-called cute versions of it, it still rubs me the wrong way.

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