Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Editor Needed

In a recent post about my job. I commented about my plan to become a health inspector and was recently crowned Certified Food Safety Professional by NEHA (National Evironmental Health Association)... The CFSP is designed for individuals within the public and private sectors whose primary responsibility is the protection and safety of food. The exam for this prestigious credential integrates food microbiology, HACCP principles and regulatory requirements into questions that test problem solving skills and knowledge.

AND THEN THERE'S MY BOOK - (smoke and thunder)

To answer Cheleskilove's question 'What's the topic?' Here it is.

Carmen is a recent college graduate who is thrown to world to fend for herself. With the off beat advice on love and life from an eclectic array of friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors Carmen tries to make it through the growing pains. With the green light to go, Carmen begins a balancing act of frequenting sports bars, interviewing for jobs, and of course sorting through countless male suitors.

I am at the end of my story and would like to publish. If you are an editor or know of an editor please have them contact me. I can be reached with a simple comment to this post or or Thank you!!!

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Carmen In NC said...

And I thought no one was paying attention!!!! Thank you!