Thursday, April 12, 2007

Laser Hair Removal & Lady Remington

I've also spent a wad of money in laser hair removal. The first million was a near waste. The hair grew back but not as badly after four sessions. Her laser was too weak and the sessions should have been two months apart. I'm currently going to Ideal Image for full face, neck, and cleavage. And praise God from whom all blessings flow - I'm not afraid to let folks get close to my face. I'd arm wrestle any man who would come near to touching my face. I'm getting nine - yes - nine sessions for a gazillion dollars. I just had my fourth session and I'm so pleased with the results that I can cry. I know I have before. The first four sessions are two months apart and the last ones are three months apart.

I bought a Remington Smooth and Silky with the rest of my birthday money. I have one already but the blades and coils needed to be replaced. I went out searching for parts. I ended up at Wal-Mart and after summing up the price of the parts plus s/h because I couldn't find it in stores - the only smart thing to do was buy a new one. I got it for $39 and it's retailed at $55 on Remington's site. And it came with a pen like detailer. Mmmm. I'm actually scared to use it. Today I used the shaver and low and behold I'm incredibly smooth. Smoother than with my old one. I'm rubbing my legs together like a cricket. Sheets and clothes feel different too. And Ciara's fur felt so good when she did her cat like figure eights against my legs.

I'm off to enjoy my smoothness because in about 8 hours it will all be itchy stubble.


dreamangel75 said...

Thanks sharing this. As fellow "soul cyster", I am considering laser hair removal for the facial hair. However, I am still nervous to try because horror stories of scarring.

I will give Lady Remington a try. I get eczema at times, especially during the winter season. I have a skin regime that helps keep to maintain moisture. However, I haven't found a shaving method which does not irritate my skin too much and give me the dreaded very itchy skin. Even if Lady Remington causes my skin to itch, I hope it lessens how often I have to shave. The less I have to shave, the happier my skin is.

Carmen In NC said...

You are most welocme!!!

I haven't been so brave as to actually take pictures of my neck, but I haven't had scarring. If anything LHR has helped with the discoloration from plucking, because I cannot pluck during treatments.

As far as the Remington, I'm still smooth. I am taking Metformin and just maybe it has something to do with slowing down the growth. I did have a little itchiness at the back of one knee - that area is the worst. I put some itch ointment on it and it stopped. As of right now, I'm just happpy that I was able to shave in a fraction of the time it does with a normal razor. Plus I think the razor was actually removing a fine layer of skin causing irritation.

Laser Hair Removal Chicago said...

Great post! ive put alot of money into hair removal too.. but i think it was way beyond worth it... Ever since middle school, I'd been incredibly self conscious and embarrassed about my dark, coarse facial hair on my upper lip and chin. Waxing never worked and I swear bleaching it made more hair grow. Finally I decided something more drastic needed to be done! After researching many places, I came upon nuu. It had the most reasonable prices I'd seen, and on top of that, they have awesome specials all the time! Not only that, I found the staff to be wonderful and helpful and in all ways professional. I felt completely secure with the laser because they thoroughly explained everything about the procedure. And I'm ECSTATIC to say that I have wonderful results!!!! I no longer have to worry about any unsightly facial hair. Today was my last treatment and I feel so awesome!! It's wonderful to look into the mirror and see beautiful, hairless skin. I love my results so much that I'm thinking about getting my underarms done.

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