Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cake Batter Ice Cream and Target

Today I went to Brusters for ice cream and overheard the lady in the tanker in front of me say 'cake batter ice cream in a waffle cone'. I got the same thing. Immediately after tasting it I thought about Route 66. I called people to tell them about it. Sent ims. I'm writing a blog about CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM. The waffle cone is about ten servings so when I got home I put the rest in the freezer. After I walked, had a nap, Target, and a 'laydown' session with Ciara - it was CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM time.

Target. I wanted to get some Magic Cream and some type of shave reducing lotion. I can understand them not having a black man's shaving product, but the lotion? They didn't have not one brand. Is it just that Target or did they stop making this stuff. I won't be finding out until my next trip out. With gas so high, I'm not running around time for a bottle of lotion. Plus I have my Avon lady - she'll get it if they make it.

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