Thursday, April 26, 2007

Madea, Tyler Perry, & Part of a Dream

I like Tyler Perry. He mad me laugh and cry all in one night. Madea reminds me of my grandmother Myrtle who called us little hairy monkeys and my aunt's ugly boyfriend a tall black fly. I bought myself a book I really needed - a how to be the next Tyler Perry reference book. I got a new tea mug for my co-worker who has been giving me cute gifts all week. And come to find out the new lady's birthday was today. She loves to read and so I got her one of those fancy bookmarks. I got us some shortbread cookies, but two cookies wound up missing somehow.... I was on TP's site and found the perfect birthday present for me from Route 66, Madea's Audio Book.

This is part of a yim that start with this comment -

him: so how was ya day?
JettLove: just fine
JettLove: had a crazy dream
JettLove: i got a book for myself
him: you ate anything today?
JettLove: how to write and publish your first novel
JettLove: what kind of question is that
JettLove: no i didn't eat today
him: you're really serious about writing that book arent you
JettLove: yes
him: well the reason i asked is because there is an old saying that if you tell your dream before you eat will come true
JettLove: i had a funny dream that i told my mom about today
JettLove: i was thinking about blogging about it because it was so alice in wonderland
him: thats cute
JettLove: what's cute
him: you said u had the whole alice in wonderland dream sequence..
JettLove: pretty much
him: just thought that might have been something cute to watch or witness
JettLove: i don't know my feelings about it
him: what happened

it started off kinda fun - i was out with some new friend girls and we were going to some free play/concert/something. when we got to the building there was an award show going on that night too, but the stars couldn't find exactly where they were supposed to be. so everyone just went into this building and spread out. there were halls/studios/dance rooms with all sorts of people doing all sorts of art. i went into the radio station room and there was a heavy set dark skinned lady dressed in flowing black with a black scarf covering her hair dancing and singing. i couldn't really hear her or see her moving - it was more like difficult poses and it was understood that she could sing. she looked at me and i felt as if me being there, just showing up might distract her but i wanted to continue watching. if i left then she would think i didn't like it. i stayed and when the dj thanked her and praised her i clapped for her. then i left.

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