Sunday, April 22, 2007


So my father called so I could claim his phone. At first I thought he won a phone, but he left it at the farmer's market. Which is a straight shot from my house about 10 minutes out. I was sorta hot that they didn't even call to let me know they were in town. They do this all the time, though.

Earlier today I was at Bojangles and this lady left her purse. I took it to the counter and the manager said he couldn't do lost and found because of liabilities. At least put it near the counter where somebody could keep a watch on it. But he asked me if I could put it back where I found it. I did and as I was leaving the cashier asked this white lady if she had left her purse. Umm. I was thinking, why be concerned now and then tell somebody who just walked up to the counter about a missing purse. Boo. Hiss. So, I said, "She's a black lady." They all looked at me and I said, "The lady who left the purse is a black lady." I just wanted to take the purse and try to find the lady myself, but I figured she would be coming back for it soon.

That brings me to my father. Since I could take the purse to the lady, I took the phone to my father. We sat outside and I tried like hell to dig a piece of my mona lisa plant up. Raymond Byers of Richmond, VA gave me this plant for my 22 birthday - which will be 3 years ago on my next birthday, exactly three years. They gave me a bulb some time ago and I tried my best to get it to grow. So, I was digging like Ciara and still couldn't get a good bulb out. So I just broke off a piece. Hopefully it'll root. I have been rooting pieces of plants and potting them and so today I took the time to repot them. Grow babies.

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