Friday, April 27, 2007

Don't Take the Advice of a Single Woman on Relationships

I have friends who I know would not date Route 66. First off he has a child. My friends do not date men with children. I understand the reasoning, but my goodness people do come with children nowadays. Why won't you date a man with a child when you have one yourself? That doesn't seem fair at all. He has to make a the same or more money. I can understand that too, but if he's out on his own and you're living at home mortgage free - he's not going to have the same speeding allowance as you do. He has to dress like this, talk like this, work here, drive that, and some of these demands are not even met the woman who's making the list.

So, I never told my friends about anything concerning my beliked Route 66. Why? They give advice when advice is not solicited. I say, "Route is coming over today." Instead of saying, "Cool, I hope yall have fun." I get....

"I wouldn't let him come over to my house."
"He'd have to meet me somewhere else."
"Where is he taking you?"
"I'd make him take me to the Chop House."
"Why are letting him come over to your house?"
"You ever been to his house?"
"He lives with some woman!"
"He lives with his baby mama!"
"He's married."
"Have you met his daughter?"
"He doesn't have a daughter."
"I would have met his daughter by now."

With advice like that, I see why they are single and wondering where the good men are. They are the ones looking for something to do on the weekend all the time. They can't understand that my home is so comfortable that I like being here. Then they have horrible sex lives. They expect a man to know everything. Come on, just tell him where the spot is if he can't find it. Afterwhile he's going to give up trying and you're going to be frustrated. "I keep hinting to him what I like." Stop playing games and just tell him, it will save both of you time. As a matter of fact, stop telling me cause I can't help you.

I hate killjoys. I was sharing the Madea video clip and before I could say what it was, "I don't like Madea." I said, "I didn't ask you that." Right then, that person tried to kill my joy of finding something I liked. Whenever someone comes to me raving about fish - I listen. And if they try to push the fish on me - I say, "Mmm, you make it sound really delicious, but the thing is I don't eat fish." And I give them the, 'gosh this is killing me because I want it just as bad as you do' look. I really want to love what they love. But these killjoys just from the bat say - "I HATE ANYTHING THAT BRINGS YOU HAPPINESS AND DELIGHT."

So, from now on, I'm not sharing my relationship not even mention not one thing about a relationship to these what are becoming so-called-friends.

Silly rabbits, these tricks are kids.

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Zaharah said...

You are SO RIGHT! There are a lot of bitter women out there who are angry at men and they don't want to see another woman happy in a relationship! If you listen to them, you will end up just as lonely as they are and with a lot of regrets. Follow YOUR HEART and YOUR OWN INSTINCTS. Forget about their standards.

Most of the time, these women don't even think for themselves. They adhere to standards that society dictates they should have and those standards are steeped in shallowness and frivolity to begin with.