Saturday, April 7, 2007

Ciara Stayed Outside

And it just happened to be her first time staying out all night. I went to Danville with my sister to spend the night with my parents. I sure wish I had my camera then. Boy! Well, I don't know if Heide was lying or not but she said it snowed last night. I know it was cold and did rain. Eventhough I left Ciara a nice pallet, food, and drink in the storage room, I felt guilty. Then my sister got a chiquaqua from the animal shelter. Gosh he's so fat and cute. His name is Rocko and he's blond with hazel eyes.
Today, I tortured Ciara with The Heart Worm Pill and some Frontline. Then I chased her around with the camera. I finally got the camera figured out good enough without reading a dayum thing. YES. I decided to take more pictures of her. I didn't have to go far to find my furry diva friend. I wanna get a supersoaker so bad. The $1 spray bottle isn't enough for this. I am a bit amused at the comforter being pulled over the pillow like that.

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