Saturday, April 7, 2007

I Got a Camera

I have a Kodak Easy Share C743 in my room beside me. I wanna take it back so badly. Why? I'm cheap like that. Plus you can't send a picture like you can on the camera phone. When are they coming out with that?

Then, I did get some birthday money from my parents. Go PARENTS!!! I wanted to get something special as a birthday present. I don't know what. I was talking to Deed and mentioned if my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday I'd say a digital camera. Yet, I think they are too expensive and do nothing.

The reason I wanted to get one is to take better pictures of myself and Ciara. I talked to my sister and she said keep the camera. I had been all over looking for one and now I'm blessed with some money - keep it. And if my parents ask what I got I can tell them a good camera and they'll be happy. I gave them a $120 dvd player that I got for free. I also let them borrow like 5 dvds to watch. It was collecting dust since my ex gave me a tv with a dvd player. Then my sister needed a phone and service so I got her a line on my account.

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