Monday, April 9, 2007

The Patio II

Eight bags of lava rock. Eight bags of lava rock. I have a problem with accepting help and asking for it in general. I mentioned it to Route 66 before and he said he would help. Today when he came over I was going to ask him when he had time to help. Instead I listened to context clues like him having lunch with his daughter. He keeps her with the help of his family. That means if I have children with him and I die, they'll be in good hands. I took this bottom picture because I wanted to see what my neighbors had going on in their backyard. I didn't want to stop and stare. I just held the camera in that direction and blindly to the shot. Call it nosey. I know at one time they had some lava rock down but used some el'cheapo mesh with itty bitty holes. I'm sad for them. The husband is disabled and can barely walk. I got some Avon stuff from her - toe rings, anklets, bracelets. I ended up getting Shine - Avon stuff - from a lady who owns an Avon shop. It's hard to pick a fragrance in the department store. How am I supposed to pick one from reading the description? I would be hot if a grass/weed came through my lava rock. I know what 46-48 bags of lava rock feels like. And don't worry all the lava rock will look the same.

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